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Oladayo Olaide: Hearty Cheers to a Comrade who Stayed In Touch

Oladayo Olaide, Hearty Cheers. Comrade
Oladayo Olaide

By Dr. Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi

As my brother and colleague Mr. Oladayo Olaide adds another year today to his age. The joyous occasion presents an opportunity to embark on an excursion down memory lane. My bond of comradeship with the celebrant dates back to the late 1990s. It was a time of turbulence all over Nigeria; military dictatorship held the country in its vice-like grip. On all fronts, there were struggles to be waged in order to counter the excesses of the military, their relentless impunity and disregard for human rights.

And because it was clear who the enemies of the people were, as activists we squarely took them on using the weapons of protests, rallies, press statements, and symposiums. Dayo was in the Finance Department of the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO). I was not a staff of the CLO, but my work in leading the reinstatement struggle of the sacked 2,022 workers of the Security Printing and Minting Company brought me close to the work of the CLO. As I got to know Dayo, one thing which I noticed stood him out was his readiness to engage beyond his primary area of responsibility.

Dayo always showed keenness and was ever switched on when the great issues facing the country were being discussed. As activists, we knew we needed to bond together to be an effective force of resistance against the monster of military dictatorship. Keeping in touch was not easy at the time; there were no mobile phones, neither were there convenient options for communication like facebook, whatsapp, twitter or Instagram.

Notwithstanding all these difficulties, Dayo and I would always keep in touch. As a Comrade, he would always demonstrate his solidarity not just in the realm of rhetoric. He would ask after my family, and we will have long and very frank discussions about our respective roles in the struggle to rescue Nigeria from the doldrums.

Long after I moved from Lagos to Kano, we very much remained in touch exchanging ideas. Dayo loves crunching figures. His activism does not consist of easy to mouth slogans. He is a development practitioner who takes a hard look at data before making suggestions about the way forward for the country. The celebrant also has my respect for his versatility and broad-mindedness. For someone who joined development work as an accountant, it is a testament to his vast capacity that he refused to remain in his comfort zone. He was very quick to diversify his capacity such that he soon emerged as a leading expert in economic governance, grant and program management, fund raising and organizational development.

Last year was another very proud moment, when the celebrant conferred with the Fellowship status of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). The Fellowship Status of ICAN is the highest a member can attain in his professional career as a Chartered Accountant. The President of ICAN by the powers conferred on him by the Council awards the Fellowship Status on members who have been found worthy through their actions, consistency, and behaviour in upholding the ethics of the accountancy profession. At the time of the conferment ICAN had a membership of 46,591 out of which 13,287 are fellows.

Dayo joined the distinguished cohort of 1,301 members who were awarded the accountancy profession’s highest honour in Nigeria. That was no mean feat. Dayo has achieved the many milestones of his career as a result of decades of consistent and committed pursuit of excellence, through thorough professionalism, resilience and integrity, his rise to the highest level of the accountancy profession was achieved.

It is therefore not a surprise that Dayo’s career trajectory is one full of inspiring stories of utmost professionalism. His very rich and diverse tour of duty has seen him work as Manager, Economics and Natural Resources (British Council); Regional Manager Economic Governance, and Nigeria Country Head (Open Society Initiative for West Africa); Senior Programme Officer and Project Accountant (Civil Liberties Organisation). One other unique attribute of Mr. Olaide is the passion he brings to his work in campaigning on development issues. His incisive fact-driven analysis on key development questions facing Nigeria and the African continent, have served as rallying points for civic activism in Nigeria. Although accountancy is his primary calling, Mr. Olaide’s knack for excellence has seen him become an encyclopedic source of knowledge on such issues as illicit financial flows, the role of youth in development and governance of natural resources in West Africa.

Dayo’s faith in Nigeria, is apparent in the amount of time he devotes to mentor young people, activists and startups to improve their capacity to program, fundraise, and advocate change. The celebrant is a man whose altruism, patriotism, and unflinching commitment to the greater good, inspires collective hope. He is indeed a jolly good fellow, a dependable colleague, brother and friend.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and Secretariat of the Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED), I celebrate this icon of the development sector as he marks the milestone of another impactful year today. Happy birthday to Mr Oladayo Olaide, wishing him many more splendid returns of the special day.

I wish him many more years of selfless service to our sector, and Nigeria at large.

PCACC Seeks More Powers to Dispense Justice to Indigent Persons In Kano

PCACC, Seeks More Powers, Dispense Justice, Indigent Persons

Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) has advocated for the amendment of the laws that established the anti-graft agency to strengthen its capacity to pursue justice for indigent persons.

The executive chairman, Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado made the appeal on Thursday during the 2020 Ombudsman Day celebration held at Kano Anti Corruption Institute (KACI).

Muhyi  urged   the state ministry of justice and other judicial organs to expedite actions on the amendment process, noting that the commission since its creation has evolved, culminating in the need for an upgrade of its powers and framework.

According to him, PCACC through its activities has endeared the dispensation of justice through the ombudsman mechanism in the minds of Kano populace.

He said “the ombudsman  is a moving train, the law that created the Kano state Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission provided that we must pursue     justice   in its  three ways traffic, initially  it was tedious, because we inherited the commission, when it could not afford to fuel its generator,  likewise service could not be effected on parties.

“Today, the story is different, our office is a beehive of activities, that show we have done well, we have offices in virtually all the local governments in Kano, people who cannot afford the services of lawyers run to us and so far, we have not failed in doing our best in compliance with the provisions of the laws that regulates our activities, we need more legal powers to do more”, Muhuyi stated.

Kano state coordinator National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Shehu Abdullahi  in a message marking the event urged the state anti corruption agency to continue to enforce marital responsibilities, lamenting that there is need to curb the rise in cases of  marital negligence.

Shehu further urged the commission to continue to deploy its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tools  towards resolving disputes revolving around inheritance and  land ownership, while commending PCACC over what he described as brilliance performance and commitment to the dispensation of justice  to indigent persons.

Court Orders NALCOF EXCO to Hand Over

Court, Orders NALCOF, EXCO, Hand Over

A Kano Magistrate’s Court No 60 sitting at Gidan Murtala on Tuesday ordered the executive committee of Nationwide Football League One Club Owners Forum (NALCOF) to refrain from parading themselves as leaders of the group.

The court in an interim injunction directed the leaders of the forum to hand over all properties in their possession to NALCOF electoral committee that was set up on 27th Febuary 2020 at Sani Abacha Stadium.

The presiding magistrate, Tijjani Saleh Minjibir, said the court had perused a 17 paragraphs affidavit sworn to by one Aminu Abba Kwaru a resident of Kofar Kwaru Quarters and annexure that were attached by the plaintiffs.

The court directed the defendants to comply with its order pending the determination of the originating summons.

The matter was adjourned to October 9, 2020 for hearing.

The plaintiffs in the matter are Dauda Auwalu Zage, Aminu Abba Kwaru, Auwalu Salisu and Muawiyya Adamu. They are challenging the leadership of NALCOF, alleging that their tenure had elapsed.

The defendants are Farouk Ibrahim, Auwalu Saminu, Sani Isiyaku Dogo among others.

SWAN Kano Chapter EXCO Elections Postponed

Kano SWAN, Elections Postponed, SWANECO, Yusuf Yusuf, Honor Sirawoo

Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) Kano state chapter has postponed its Exco elections owing to delays attributed to the national secretariat of the pen group.

The state electoral committee (SWANECO) in a statement issued on Monday evening signed by the secretary to the committee, Yusuf Yusuf,   alleged that  the postponement of the elections aroused due to failure by the Honor Sirawoo led national secretariat to furnish SWANECO with the names of eligible voters.

The statement said “following the review of preparations, the committee came to the conclusion that the election was no longer feasible, due to delay from the national secretariat to send us the current registered members and final approval for the election.

“Consequently the committee has decided to reschedule the date of election from Tuesday 29 September 2020, as stated pending the approval of the national secretariat.”

“The committee urges SWAN members to continue to remain calm and supportive of the electoral process, we sorry for any inconveniences that the postponement may cause,” Yusuf stated.

STRIKE ACTION: Labour Leaders Compromised for Inducements, Group Reveals

STRIKE ACTION, Labour Leaders, Compromised, Inducements, Group Reveals

The Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) has said that labour leaders in Nigeria deliberately compromised Monday’s planned nationwide strike against fuel price hike and electricity tariff because they were induced with positions by the federal government.

The leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) on Monday withdrew at the last minute from the planned nationwide strike action to compel the government to reverse hikes in the price of petrol and electricity tariff, saying they have agreed with government officials on a two-week period within which government will make some adjustments.

CHRICED said on Monday in a press release signed by its director which a Nigerian online medium, Nigerian Sketch, said it obtained that it has carefully studied the excuses given by the two labour unions to shelve the general strike and protests.

Its executive director, Dr. Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi, said “While we are not advocating for a strike action for the fun of it, we make no mistake about the fact that the Nigerian people need to send a strong message to the government that its strangulating policies are unacceptable.

“It is apparent from the details of the agreement signed with the federal government that Labour has once again sold out cheaply. It is shameful that the leaders of the two labour centres have now reduced important and historic struggles of the Nigerian people for social and economic justice to opportunities to grab appointments in various government committees.

“It is yet another grand betrayal by labour to have allowed itself to be bought over by government’s empty promises to take steps to ostensibly cushion the effects of the harsh policies it has unleashed on citizens. It is equally sad that rather than press the government to address the fundamental issues, which necessitated the strike, labour continued its trend of betraying workers by essentially rolling over to allow the government have its way.

“One of the major issues, which labour capitulated on is hike in the price of petroleum products. Inasmuch as CHRICED does not support an unsustainable subsidy regime, it is clear that Nigeria’s hopeless dependence on fuel importation will keep the nation in a viscous cycle of endless price hikes. As far as we can see, government has not offered any tangible road map to end dependence on fuel importation. Yet, labour lamely accepted the argument that price should be hiked in addition to the token of 133 buses to serve as palliatives.

“Ironically, the important question left unanswered is, if 133 buses would really cushion the multiplier effects of the hike in terms of galloping inflation, higher cost of basic necessities like food, transport, healthcare, school fees; cost of doing business and increase in the rate of unemployment as a result of the strangulating business environment.

“Similarly, labour fell flatly for the government’s gimmick of a two-week suspension of electricity tariffs, which are already being collected by the electricity distribution companies. Does labour have a mechanism to verify compliance with this phoney directive? What happened to the key demands of the Nigerian people for quality electricity service delivery before even talking of any tariff adjustments?” he asked.

He also expressed dissatisfaction that the issue of VAT increase completely disappeared from the discussion.

He added that It is “very clear that the labour leaders who engaged in the negotiations were blinded by the quest for perks and committee appointments that they bargained without a sense of purpose, history and principle. It is apparent that they went into negotiation with government using the workers as bargaining power for their selfish interests. And they therefore ended up inflicting further hardships on the Nigerian people in order to sit on the table with oppressors in government.

“This unfortunate reality is a reminder that the Nigerian people need to take their destiny in their hands. To expect these compromised, coopted and capitulating labour leaders to protect the public interest, is to end up with more betrayals.

“CHRICED therefore calls for a grassroots movement, which will focus on not only resisting bad policies, but that would also work to bring good governance to Nigeria”, he suggested.


Kano State Assembly Commends PCACC for Quality Staff, Leadership

Kano State Assembl,y Commends PCACC, Quality Staff, Leadership, Mass Patronage, PCACC, Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado, anti-corruption instutute

Kano State House of Assembly on Monday attributed the mass patronage of the services of the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) in seeking redress for injustices by the people to good leadership and commitment of the staff of the commission.

The commission’s director of special assignment, Usman Bello, explained in a press statement he sent to Judicial Sketch that the observation was made by the members of the House of Assembly committee on public petitions and Anti-Corruption during an oversight visit to the commission.

The chairman of the committee, Umar Musa Gama, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the commission which he noted earned it the confidence of the public as the last resort for the common man.

He expressed the State House of Assembly readiness to support the commission to serve the people of state.

Receiving the committee in his office, the chairman of the commission, Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado told the members that despite high performance, the staff of the commission are the lowest paid among anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria.

He said the commission is currently working out new salary structure for the staff as motivation which will be captured in 2021 budget.

He also briefed them on the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Institute with various training packages to further empower the staff of the commission as well as others in fighting corruption.

The chairman said already neighboring states have stated indicating interest in training their staff at the institute.

He further told the members that the commission has already started decentralizing its activities to local governments in order to move closer to the people.

Women Rights Activist Blames Mass Divorce on Poverty

Women Rights Activist, Blames Mass Divorce, Poverty

Kano based women rights activist, Zainab Ali Musa  has accused prevalent poverty as responsible for the worrisome number of cases of divorce in the country.

Zainab, while addressing hundreds of women at a community nutrition education session organized by Civil Society Scalling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) at Gama community in Nassarawa local government in Kano metropolis noted that household harsh economic situations could be attributed to a vast number of cases of divorce.

She further said investigations have revealed that bulk number of marriages that crumbled had crashed for economic reasons.

Zainab stressed that the economic incapacity of men also plays a dominant role in invoking maternal health challenges in the country.

The CS-SUNN chairperson lamented that poverty resulting into anemia has also led to the deaths of pregnant women and children in various parts of the country.

Zainab explained that the empowerment of women will help shed economic load in marital lives of citizens and would in turn serve as solution to the continuous rise in cases of mass divorce in the country.

She added that the economic empowerment of women would also help to curb maternal health care challenges since they would have the funds to supplement nutritional requirements during ante post natal periods.

Former Kano Chief Judge Dies

Former, Kano Chief Judge, Shehu Atiku, Dies

Former Kano State Chief Judge, Justice Shehu Atiku, has died, Kano State judiciary spokesman, Baba Jibo Ibrahim, confirmed on Sunday.

Ibrahim said in statement that the late Chief Judge died as a result of a brief illness.

He said the late jurist would be buried Monday morning around 10am at Umar Ibn Khattab mosque.

Nigerian Sketch reported that late Atiku “was famously known for his role in the failed banks tribunal in which he was very impressively uncompromising despite various attempts to to tempt him with money.

The online publication also reported that “he refused to bow to threats on his life as he diligently adjudicated on cases brought before the tribunal over which he presided.

He was reported to have retired from the bench in 2015 as the Chief Judge of the state.


Improved Security in Nigeria, A Welcome Development

Muhammadu Buhari, Improved Security, Nigeria, Welcome Development
President Muhammadu Buhari

By Musa Ilallah

It is undoubtedly common knowledge that the country had since January this year up to the last few weeks witnessed an upsurge in crimes including banditry, kidnappings, cattle rustling, insurgency, mass killings, etc across all the geo political zones of the country.

Worst hit are Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto, Niger, Plateau, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa in the North and some other states in the South.

Such killings have no doubt given President Buhari and the Service Chiefs some sleepless nights.

Not unmindful of the enormous responsibility on his shoulders of preserving the sanctity of lives and properties of Nigerians, the President directed the Security Chiefs to re strategize and once and for all deal with the threats of security breaches in various forms and style engulfing several states of the federation.

They quickly swung into action and today the story is fast changing for the better as the challenges are almost nipped in the bud with the exception of pockets of breaches here and there.

It is therefore a thing of pride, joy and commendable that the  security agencies have re-doubled their efforts to make the country safer for lives and livelihoods to thrive in an atmosphere of  peace and tranquility since the presidential directive.

Sadly however, the voices that kept ranting that President Buhari has failed to secure lives and properties should resign at the peak of security breaches have now gone into voice mail with none of them acknowledging and noticing the positive improvement and the utmost need to commend the efforts so far and milestones covered in the onslaught against crimes and criminals.

Notable among such voices are the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, some  international Non Governmental Organisations, INGO; civil society groups;  some groups and individuals among others. In the spirit of fairness and justice, those condemning the security situation then need to now support the President and security agencies for the general improvement in the security of the country.

What really baffles one is the hypocrisy of all those accusing PMB of not doing enough or not doing anything at all to stop killings in the North East, North Central, Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and Kaduna among others.

Now that security has improved and there are minimal or no killings in those places no one seem to be talking about them to appreciate PMB ‘s efforts.

However, what worries one most is the complete silence of the media in the visible improvement in the security of the country by refusing to write comments and editorials like they did when the situation was bad.

It is so dishonest for such groups and individuals to remain silent in the face of successes of crushing criminals by the armed forces in recent times.

Some of the recent successes recorded by the military in the fight against insurgency include the arrest of a high profile Boko Haram commander and his 4 wives during a clearance operation in their enclaves in Borno.

Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche, disclosed this while giving an update on the operation of Armed Forces in Abuja recently where he disclosed that 7 Boko Haram Commanders were eliminated in strike on 5 camps In Lake Chad.

In the words of Enenche:  ”the success was as a result of sustained offensive by troops of Operation Lafiya Dole through air and ground operations on terrorists’ enclaves at different locations in Borno, Yobe, Taraba and Adamawa states.

According to him, the operations also led to the arrest of one Boko Haram fighter at Kamuya in Biu LGA of Borno, while nine other criminals were arrested including caches of arms and ammunition, equipment and motorcycles also recovered in Wukari LGA of Taraba state. It is also on record that troops repelled BHT/ISWAP attacks on civilians and own troops at Wajiroko in Damboa LGA of Borno where troops neutralised several of the terrorists and recovered arms and ammunition.

Also in the North West, Enenche disclosed that the troops of operations Hadarin Daji and Sahel Sanity had continued to dominate the general area leading to killing of seven bandits and rescuing of kidnapped victims in addition to rescuing 17 kidnapped victims from suspected bandits at Fankama and Sabon Layi area of Faskari LGA of Katsina State.

Also, troops of Operation Sahel Sanity while on patrol at Chabas, responded to a distress call and rescued a truck driver with 11 women and children who were on their way to Batsari Market but were kidnapped by suspected bandits along Shimfida – Gurbi Road in Katsina state.

Others include troops deployed at Dansadau arrested a suspected bandit on a motorcycle on his way to Dandalla village in Dansadau, Maru LGA of Zamfara with one pump action rifle and three live ammunitions. And in Kaduna state, the Air Component of Operation Thunder Strike killed several bandits at their meeting venue at Kwaimbana forest area, while two gunrunners were arrested in possession of 1,620 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition in Kudaru Hill along Kaduna-Jos Road in Lere LGA of Kaduna State to be delivered to a bandit leader, at a location in Dansadau LGA of Zamfara.

Equally, troops of Forward Operations Base Burukusuma patrol team killed seven armed bandits at Magira village of Zamfara while troops in conjunction with vigilantees arrested two bandits in possession of N1.3 million at Baworaje village in Talata Mafara LGA of Zamfara.

In North Central, the Coordinator disclosed that Troops of Operation Safe Haven raided suspected Sara-Suka criminals’ hideouts at Jenta Adamu, Rikkos, and Gangare Yan-Doya area of Jos North LGA, Riyom LGA and Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau state, where they made some arrests of suspects and arms  leading to the  arrest of 14 persons while 12 knives, 4 daggers, 4 mobile phones, two swords, assorted charms, a large quantity of substances suspected to be Cannabis Sativa, among other illicit drugs were recovered.

Despite all these successes by the military and the silence by wailers, one can confidently say that their call on PMB  to resign is not only misplaced but one full of mischief, biases and politicisation.

Even President Muhammadu Buhari had told the United Nations that “Nigeria is still facing violent extremism from the insurgency of Boko Haram and bandits”, while delivering Nigeria’s National Statement, via video message, on the first day of the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly Debate themed ‘The Future We Want, The United Nations We Need: Reaffirming Our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism- Confronting Coronavirus Through Effective Multilateral Action.

The President urged world leaders to redouble efforts to ensure collective security, noting that the litany of sophisticated terrorist attacks across the globe was a harsh reality of the challenges the world was facing today.

He said Nigeria continued to count on her strong cooperation with the UN counter-terrorism bodies and neighbouring countries to overcome the terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin and the wider Sahel Region.

He said Nigeria would vigorously sustain the rehabilitation, reconstruction and resettlement of victims of terrorism and insurgency in the northeast for which the North-East Development Commission had been established.

As a matter, President Buhari has said that Nigeria remained deeply concerned over the illicit trade, transfer and circulation of small arms and light weapons, particularly in Africa.

All said and done, PMB ‘s marching orders to Service Chiefs to do the needful to reverse the ugly trend in our security situation and the subsequent enforcement and compliance with the Presidential orders, one can confidently say that the situation is changing fast for the better.

Regretably, there is some disquiet in the rantings of the opposition and their accomplices in the civil society and NGO’s camps after the giant strides recorded by the armed forces in the security of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Mr Ilallah writes from Abuja

Police Arrest Another Fake Lawyer in Kano

Fake Lawyer, Two-Year Jail Term, Re-in Kano, NBA, Kano branch

Another suspect parading himself as a lawyer has been arrested in Kano while trying to swindle some people in a land transaction.

This is the second time in two weeks that a fake lawyer was arrested in the state.

The fake lawyer, known simply as Dahiru Easy, was arrested on Saturday after men of the Nigeria Police were informed by members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in the state that he was presenting himself as a lawyer from the law firm of a prominent member of the Bar in the state.

Nigerian Sketch reported the legal adviser to the Kano branch of the NBA, Ibrahim Abdullahi Chedi, saying that the suspect is a convict who had earlier served a two-year term for impersonation.

He said the branch had been to the police to officially lodge a complaint, and investigations have been commenced, as the clients he was purportedly representing have given their statements as witnesses. Even the man to whom he was impersonating had given his statement to the police.

While the suspect is expected to be arraigned on Monday, Abullahi Abdussalam Bature, a former NEC representative of the branch, whose vigilance prompted the arrest of the impersonator in the first place, has advised members to continue to exercise diligence in order fish out those “giving the profession a bad name.”