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Nollywood/Kannywood Star, Ali Nuhu, Signs New Football Deal

Nollywood, Kannywood Star, Ali Nuhu, New Football Deal
Ali Nuhu

Nigeria movie maestro, Ali Nuhu has signed a new football deal as an influencer of the Spanish league brand, La Liga.

The actor in a chat with journalists at a La Liga fans meeting held in Kano last Sunday   had declined disclosing  how much the deal was worth. He said “I can only tell you that there is a deal.

“Many did not know about it, I guess because of COVID-19, I can not disclose how much, but everything is not all about money”, Nuhu said.

He said the new deal contracts him to influence the La Liga brand, noting that he is expected to travel to Spain to further strengthen the relationship.

Nuhu said the deal has provided him with the platform to further nurture and empower northern youths through football.

He added that his relationship with the La Liga is a new development, saying he would deploy his status as a brand influencer to boost the connection between La Liga and football fans using all available platforms.

Nuhu further said that his ambition is to foster unity amongst football fans across board.


Kano Now Has New Nutrition Policy, Action Plan, Says PS Balarabe

Kano, New, Nutrition Policy, Action Plan
Question of malnourished children has been a worrisome issue in Nigeria and most parts of Africa

The chairman, Kano State Committee For Food and Nutrition and Permanent Secretary, Kano State Ministry of Planning and Budget, Balarabe Karaye, in an exclusive interview with Judicial Sketch‘s Abdulgafar Oladimeji, spoke on the new nutrition policy and action plan for the state.


What is the current state of nutrition in Kano state?

We have come so far.  The issue of nutrition policy did not come to us overnight, we have been  working hard for so long to arrive this far.  CS- SUNN came to Kano and took it upon themselves  to train our  officers through various  workshops, meetings and   what have you. Even myself who is about one year old  on this table , I was part of the team that went to Lagos. We were in Kaduna serially, all to come up with a policy and multi sectoral plan of action. We have covered a lot with CS-SUN.

You know nutrition now  is not just a health issue, it is now a developmental issue, because it cuts across the issue of stunting and wasting and the issue of stunting and wasting of children in Kano  is so serious.

The policy and Multi Sectoral Action Plan was drafted and it was taken first to the executive governor of Kano state,  who studied it and directed us  to make a case before the state executive council. We thank God, a memo was drafted and forwarded to the state executive council, where the council deliberated extensively and gave approval.

So where are you now, in pursuing the action plan?

Nutrition is fully approved in Kano state.  When we held our meetings in Kaduna, we deliberated extensively on the issue on the way forward, the state executive council has approved  the action plan, a committee was formed purposely on  the way forward. That committee as we are talking has  been  given the mandate  and they should  to give back their  report to the council on the way forward.

I have forwarded the  communiqué  we issued in Zaria  to the committee to guide them in their work. Now they are working on it and I gave them our nutrition focal person to work with them too.

Who is heading this special committee?

The committee is chaired by the permanent secretary,  special duties in the office of the Secretary to the state Government(SSG). Also serving  on the committee are the  representatives from the ministry of agriculture, health and women affairs.

What role did CS-SUN play in helping to achieve the nutrition policy and action plan in Kano state?

CS-SUN played a critical role, technically and financially in coming up with our nutrition policy and Multi Sectoral Action Plan. Their contribution is immeasurable, like I said earlier, they convened meetings, they trained our staff. As far as I know without  their technical support, this may not come to limelight.

Does it all now end with the promulgation of the policy?

The next line of action in our relationship with CS-SUN is that after everything is completed, CS-SUN has undertook to publish copies of the policy as many as possible  to be distributed  to the general public and the media for sensitization.

What is so special about the sectoral plan of action?

The multi-sectoral plan covers the major part of our economy, where the interest of nutrition is fully covered, CS-SUN made us to know more about nutrition, they supported us in the issue of budgeting, to see to it that the interest of nutrition interest is fully captured in the budget.

What are the long term benefits of the policy and plan to the people of Kano?

The long term benefit is far-reaching because nutrition is all about development, a well fed child and adult are more productive citizens, in all areas of human endeavors, in stunted children their brain and development stages are hindered because their organs are wasted, when the child is fully established to be stunted, the child will lose a lot  of advantages in his life time, because the  affected child will not develop intellectually , physically and otherwise.

What does the future hold for your relationship with CS-SUN?

It is work in progress. When you reach a stage, another window then opens. I know they have the technical experience that is where we need them most, in addition to the  financial support they normally extend to us. We will expect them to continue to  give us technical and  financial support  as we have received both from them over the years.

Your parting words here.

On behalf of the executive governor of Kano State, we extend our gratitude  to CS –SUN for giving us  all the necessary support to come up with nutrition policy and a comprehensive multi-sectoral action plan. In fact, I am proud of this achievement, particularly that it happened during my tenure.

Ganduje Orders Reopening of Technical Schools

Ganduje, Orders Reopening, Technical Schools

Kano state government has ordered the immediate reopening of technical colleges to pave way for exit students to sit for the 2020/2021 NABTEB exams, the state commissioner for education, Muhammad Sanusi Sa’id Kiru has stated.

The commissioner in a statement forwarded to Judicial Sketch disclosed that the directive reopening the schools was contained in a memo forwarded to the state governor,  Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Kiru further revealed that the state government, aside reopening the schools, has also approved that over N16 million to be expended on the procurement of PPE’s and the feeding of students in the schools, alongside their upkeep.

KSFA Hails La Liga/Arewa Radio Partnership

KSFA, La Liga/Arewa Radio, Partnership

Kano State Football Association (KSFA) would continue to embrace and support  brand  initiatives that  would promote the development of the game, chairman of the association, Sharif Rabiu Inuwa Ahlan has averred.

Ahlan said the role of brand promotion in football is critical in the development of the game.

He added the state FA accords serious attention to the adoption of brand policies that are geared towards grassroots football development.

The NFF member, in his remarks at the La Liga fans Northern zone meeting held at in Kano Sunday evening commended the organizers of the august meeting.

He further commended the Spanish league operators, La Liga, for their collaboration with a Kano-based private fm station, Arewa Radio, describing the La liga broadcast and fans partnership initiative as wonderful.

He urged La Liga and Arewa Radio, to maximize the partnership, stressing that such would enhance the development of the game in Northern Nigeria.

In his remarks, the head of sports desk, Cool/Wazobia/Arewa FM, Babs Sherif Abdallah said “Kano is the home of La Liga. This is the starting point. More benefits will come to La Liga fans in Kano and Northern Nigeria.

La Liga Fans in Northern Nigeria Flag-Off New Season in Grand Style

La Liga Fans, Northern Nigeria, New Season

*Mutiu Adepoju Calls for Restraint

La Liga fans drawn from cities in Northern Nigeria on Sunday stormed Kano city to commemorate the opening weekend of the 2020/2021 season of the Spanish league.

The meeting held amidst pomp and pageantry attracted top La Liga fans who reiterated their love and joy towards the league.

The fans watched as Villarreal forced a draw 1-1 at home to promoted Huesca to mark their celebration of the commencement of the new season.

Former Super Eagles maestro and La Liga brand ambassador, Mutiu Adepoju, at the meeting expressed his happiness over the huge followership that is been  enjoyed by the league  courtesy of the huge number of followers of the league in  Kano and other parts of Northern Nigeria.

Adepoju further expressed his admiration over the conduct of the fans in the past, enjoining La Liga addicts to continue to foster unity among themselves even in the face of football hostilities.

He cautioned that the season has just kicked off, urging La Liga fans to always restrain themselves from indulging in acts that would dent the image of their well cherished league.

The headmaster, as he is fondly called in his hey days, said he is in Kano in his capacity as La Liga ambassador on the mission to boost the relationship between football fans in Nigeria and La Liga.

He disclosed that packages would be unveiled to further strengthen the bond between La Liga and its fans residing in Northern Nigeria, adding that Kano would serve as the rallying point.

In his remarks, Babs Sherif Abdallah said “Kano is the home of La Liga league. This is the starting point. More benefits will come to La Liga fans in Kano and Northern Nigeria.

Prominent amongst  sports dignitaries  that graced  the meeting were, Kano state commissioner for youths and sports, Kabiru Lakwaya, represented by  Director Technical, Kano state sports commission, Bashari Ahmed Maizare;  Nollywood/Kannywood  frontline actor, Ali Nuhu; executive member, Nigeria Football Federation,  Shariff Rabiu Inuwa Ahlan; chairman, Kano Pillars fans club, Bashir Muazu Jide,  among others.

Tying the Tariffs to the Time of Transformation

Bala Ibrahim, There’s Way, No Will, Fight Corruption, Nigeria
Bala Ibrahim

By Bala Ibrahim

The NTA programe Good morning Nigeria has done it again today, as dutiful Kingsley and Claire hosted the minister of state petroleum, Temipre Sylva in the studio, and the minister of finance, Zainab Ahmed via zoom. The topic was a continuation of the matters arising from the fuel price hike brouhaha.

In her characteristic posture of speaking with the seriousness of a sincere person, minister Zainab elaborated on reasons for deregulation, saying the aim is for the government to leave the market to the market forces, and not continue strangulating it through undue regulations. She said deregulation entails overseeing and supervising the economy in a manner that would largely be a hands-off approach by the government, which would limit it’s role mainly to oversight.

In essence, this means the government does not interfere with the businesses in a day-to-day manner, and act only when specific complaints against businesses are brought before it. With deregulation, the government would not set prices of the product, rather, they would be determined by the market forces of demand and supply.

All over the world, deregulation has been the way to go, because encouragement is given for the markets to globalize their economies and open up to foreign competition, as well as liberalize their economies internally. That way, domestic firms are able to compete freely without the heavy hand of the government.

The minister gave example of the benefits derivable from the establishment of the Dangote refinery at the Lagos Lekki Free-trade zone for example, which is an area where goods would land, be manufactured or reconfigured, and re-exported without the intervention of government revenue agencies like the customs service.

Apart from improving on local content and providing employment to Nigerians, by virture of proximity and the advantage of location, the refinery would reduce the burden of fuel freight and make buyers enjoy the advantage of low cost of production.

Particularly interesting is the good news from the minister of state petroleum, Timipre Sylva, that the proceeds of tariffs are going to be used to kick start the process of converting vehicles from the single use of petrol, to the dual use of petrol and gas. This he said would commence from October, and at no cost and no harm to the vehicle owner.

He said President Buhari is so concerned about the welfare and well being of the ordinary man, hence his long term resistence to deregulation. But having been convinced about it’s merits and inevitability, the President submitted, but insisted that the customer must be given a choice.

Under the arrangement of conversion, vehicle owners would be encouraged to take their vehicles for conversion to accomodate the use of gas, which is cheaper, cleaner and enviromentaly friendlier.

Emphasizing that everything that can run on petrol fuel, can also run on gas, including the small generator popular called “I pass my neighbor”, minister Temipre said deregulation would also help fix camatose refineries, that would make the supply of both the petrol and gas easy and competitive.

Another interesting takeaway from the talk is the revelation that under the planned deregulation, investors’ interest would not be limited to Upstream or Downstream operations, where only those with heavy capital can partake in exploration and production, or refining. Now people would be free to partake in the midstream, which is the processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids through the pipelines.

The president is therefore puting the country on a journey from crude oil to gas, with the ultumate intention of arriving at the point of using renewable energy, one day.

It is important to note that, while deregulation brings many advantages to businesses, especially because the businesses are left to themselves to determine their operational processes and strategic importance without government’s interference, it is not to say everything goes without some pitfalls.

There are some disadvantages, which may come from too much liberalization in the form of the businesses having more power than before, leading to arrogance towards the consumers, especially those who cannot pay more for products because of their socio-economic condition.

We have seen that with some telecom service providers, after the privatisation of the telecom industry, but the government can quickly deal with that through prompt legislation and additiinal incentives that would trigger more competition. That way, the consumer can still be the biggest beneficiary, provided he cashes in on his ability to choose.

The interactivity of the programe permitted people to comment through twitter, and I found one of the comments most arousing in interest and curiosity. Someone raised the issue of deregulation coming to exacerbate the conflict of interest between the bourgeoisie and those in the working-class. He felt the market would be for the rich, while the poor would emerge only as a victim.

But the minister was quick to point out that, the reverse may even be the case, because deregulation would benefit the consumers more, as they can directly participate in efficient purchase and efficient consumer behavior, which would in turn reward them with superior customer service, propelled by competition.

He gave example with Kerozine, which was long deregulated, but no one is complaining, despite the fact that it’s the main fuel or comodity of the common man.

Yes, while I see today’s show as exposing the hypocracy of the elites, some of whom are complicit in the collective scam against the poor, I call on the government to be more circumspect, in the management of the flow of forex under Emefiele as the CBN governor.

We should clap our hands in applaud of the government, for tying the tariffs to a transition that would see the transformation of the economy from clumsy and expensive petrol, to cheap, clean and graceful gas.

Indeed the show was well presented, but as usual, the producer, who happened to be Ibrahim Wada, was again unacknowledged. But I hereby acknowledge and applaud him on my own.

Mr Ibrahim writes from Abuja.

IHRC Appoints Maisamari Legal Adviser in Kano

IHRC, Appoints Maisamari, Legal Adviser

IHRC Appoints Maisamari Legal Adviser

International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) on Saturday appointed a Kano-based legal practitioner, Sani Maiyaki Maisamari as its legal adviser in Kano state.

His appointment was signed by the IHRC coordinator/special envoy, Amadi Darligton C. for the IHRC-Nigerian committee.

Maisamari’s appointment was, according to the commission, due to his innumerable contributions to the building of the Nigerian nation, his trusted sense of judgment and his sincere stance on critical issues on the local, national and global context.

The commission said all the attributes it noticed in the lawyer are “in tandem with the lofty ideals of the IHRC.”

The lawyer told Judicial Sketch he received his appointment with relish, saying he would try to justify the confidence that the IHRC has in him.

Miasamari obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in ICT Law.

He was the head of ABU legal clinic in 2014 and 2015; president legal aid CDS group from 2017 t0 2018; secretary of the Prestige Legal Clinic and an associate at the law firm of Prestige Solicitors and Associates.

The principal of his law firm, Ma’ruf Muhammad Yakasai told Judicial Sketch he has no doubt Maisamari earned the confidence the IHRC has in him and would not fail in his duties.

Some of his colleagues in the legal profession have said he possesses the capabilities to handle the job, observing that hard-work, devotion and good human relations form part of the tools that would see him through.

Part of his duties is to accelerate the activities of the International Human Rights Commission in Kano state, and the commission has made it clear that failure to meet this requirement may lead to the cancellation of the appointment.

Maisamari insisted that he plans to succeed.


Man, 30, in Police Net For Diverting Covid-19 Dangote Noodles

Man, Police Net, Divert, Covid-19 Noodles
Nigeria's inspector-general of police, Mohammed Adamu

The Kano police command has a apprehended a 30-year old businessman, Yusuf Abdullahi for involving in the alleged diversion of COVID-19 palliatives.

The commissioner of police, Kano command, CP Habu Sani, while parading the suspected businessman at the police headquarters in Bompai on Wednesday said the suspect criminally diverted COVID-19 palliatives that has a street value of N4, 111, 800 (four million, one hundred and eleven thousand, eight hundred naira).

He alleged that the diverted noodles were designated for distribution to COVID-19 beneficiaries in Benue state.

The CP said “the noodles that were recovered from the suspect have it boldly written on it ‘not for sale’. The suspect was arrested by our men after we received information about his involvement in the illegal activity.”

CP Habu further said “one thousand nine hundred fifty eight of Dangote branded   noodles meant for Benue state palliatives valued four million, one hundred and eleven thousand eight hundred were recovered out of 3, 850 cartons diverted and sold.”Man, Police Net, Divert, Covid-19, Noodles

The suspect, Yusuf, in an exclusive interview with Judicial Sketch disclosed that the allegations leveled against him were true. He disclosed that he is a foodstuff dealer at the popular Kano Singer market. He agreed the noodles were found in his possession by the police.

He said “I knew that the noodles were meant for distribution as palliatives.  What happened was that some people after receiving the noodles as palliatives, they will bring it to me to exchange for them for other type of food stuffs. They exchanged the noodles for rice, semovita and spaghetti. That was what transpired before someone who bought the noodles from me now went and reported to the police, leading to my arrest.

Pregnant Woman Slaps Police DPO for Assaulting Daughter

Pregnant Woman, Slaps, Police DPO, Assaulting Daughter
Nigeria's inspector-general of police, Mohammed Adamu

A pregnant woman, Bilkisu Hassan, resident of Kurna quarters in Kano metropolis has been detained by the police for allegedly slapping a divisional police officer (DPO).

Speaking on Wednesday in an interview with journalists, the woman who confessed to have committed the alleged crime said, “my children and the children of my neighbor had a quarrel, they were taken to police station.

“When we were at the police station, my daughter’s mobile phone rang, when she was receiving the call, a man in mufti walked into the police station. He started quarrelling my daughter for making phone calls within police premises. He then assaulted her.

“I did not know who he was, I got provoked seeing him slap my daughter for making phone call.  I approached him and I retaliated by slapping him back. Before you know it the police men descended on me and my daughter. We were seriously battered by the policemen at the station. Later, we were dragged into an office where we met the man that slapped my daughter. Then we were informed that the man in mufti is the DPO of the police division.”

According to an eyewitness, Hajiya Mariam, also a resident of Kurna quarters, she had dragged the pregnant woman, Bilkisu and her children to the police station for allegedly assaulting her own children when the drama occurred.

She said “I witnessed what happened. Actually, she slapped the DPO in my presence.”

When contacted, spokesman of the Nigeria Police, Kano command, Dsp Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa declined to comment on the matter, simply saying “the matter is sub-judice because the matter has been charged to court.”

AGF Lacks Power to Cancel NBA Seal, Stamp, Former GS Says

AGF, Lacks Power, Cancel, NBA Seal, Stamp, Former GS
Nigeria's Attorney-General, Abubakar Malami

The attorney-general of the federation, Abubakar Malami can not cancel provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) especially those concerning stamp and seal.

A former general secretary of the NBA, Mazi Afam Osigwe, explained in a piece he circulated widely that it was not possible to the AGF to unilaterally amend the RPC, as those conferred with the powers to do do so by law have not met to deliberate on it.

Read his full statement:


My attention has just been drawn to a document widely circulating in the social media which purports to be the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Rules 2020.

The Document claims that in the exercise of the powers conferred on him by Section 12(4) of the Legal Practitioners Act, the Attorney General of the Federation has amended the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners, 2007 by deleting Rules 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. A close look at Section 12(4) of LPA referred to as well as the fact that the Bar Council which has the power to make any such amendment, has never met, shows why the document should be discountenanced.

Section 12(4) of the Legal Practitioners Act (LPA) vests the power to make Rules regulating the Conduct of Legal Practitioners is vested on the General Council of the Bar (“the Bar Council”). As provided by Section 1(1) of the LPA, General Council of the Bar shall be charged with the general management of the affairs of the Nigerian Bar Association (subject to any limitations for the time being provided by the constitution of the association) and with any functions conferred on the council by this Act or that constitution.

The Bar Council consists of-

(a) the Attorney-General of the Federation, who shall be the president of the council;

(b) the Attorneys-General of the States; and

(c) twenty members of the association.

The twenty members representing the Nigerian Bar Association were elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting held in Abuja on August 27, 2015.

The Attorney General of the Federation has not convened a meeting of the Bar Council. The Bar Council has neither considered nor approved any proposed amendment to the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners 2007. Even though the Attorney General of the Federation is the President of the Bar Council, he cannot unilaterally exercise the powers of the Council.

I will therefore like to believe that the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Rules 2020 which is in circulation on social media, lacks credibility.”