Group Wants Laws to Curb ‘Negative Activism’ in Nigeria

The Ambassadors of Peace and Social Welfare have called on Nigerian authorities to amend national security laws to curb the excesses of human rights activists that are propagating what it described as negative activism in the country.

The director, research and production of the group, Dr Ahmed Jubrin Suleiman, during the 2019 press review of events in 2019 held in Kano,   said some human right groups have resorted to blackmail under the guise of observing the rule of law.

According to him the activities of some human rights bodies in 2019 had snowballed into a threat to national security.

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Dr Jubril lamented that the available national security laws are serving as a shield that protects the activities of groups that are out-rightly posing a threat to national security, calling for an amendment of such laws to provide for stiff penalties against such activities.

He urged human right activists to redefine their approach to national issues through what the group described as developmental activism.

He further urged rights groups to pursue national development through advocating for national dialogue  against the current style of activism that are driven by ethnic,  religious and tribal factors.

Abdulgafar Oladimeji: Abdulgafar Olawale Oladimeji is a Nigerian born, London school of journalism trained journalist, who started his career in 1998 as a curb reporter in Kano. His work as a reporter has taken him to various African countries.
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