Kano Magistrate Reduced to Librarian

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A presiding magistrate at Court 34, Rijiyar Zaki, Kano, Aminu Usman, popularly known among lawyers as ‘Dino’ has been committed to state high court library after been indicted in a number of petitions written against him.

Judicialsketch.com confirmed that the chief judge of Kano State, Justice Nura Sagir, made this decision as a temporary measure to relieve Dino of his magisterial powers pending the completion of investigations into allegations of corruption, high-handedness and disregard for law leveled against him.

The state public complaints and anti-corruption commission (PCACC) had launched an investigation into the activities of the magistrate after he sent a certain scholar to prison on a flimsy excuse in total disregard for the right of the person. The scholar wrote a petition to the commission.

Lawyers in Kano said Dino was notorious for sending people to jail arbitrarily “insofar as someone has greased his palm.”

Lawyers also alleged that the various petitions they have written against him to the state judiciary were not treated with the seriousness they deserved, saying the PCACC was more responsive.  

Judicialsketch.com also gathered that PCACC is still investigating other complaints against the magistrate, and the result of the investigation will determine whether to recommend his sack and give room for his eventual prosecution.


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