FG Set to Reconsider Amotekun, Revisits Legal Framework

Amotekun,Reconsider, Revisit, South-West

Operation Amotekun appears to be set for a new lease of life, as the federal government of Nigeria is considering taking a more lenient disposition towards the scheme, Judicialsketch has learnt.

Amotekun was declared illegal by the attorney-general of the federation on Wednesday, sparking reactions especially from the south-western zone where the security scheme was birthed.

Prominent Nigerians from the zone have faulted the stance of the attorney-general, saying he lacks both power and competence to make a declaration they argued is the preserve of the judiciary.

There was however a move by the federal government to fill the gap and “correct the lacuna that was gaping in the way south-west governors floated the operation”, a source at the presidency told Judicialsketch.com.

“The federal government is apparently displeased with the backlash that followed the AG’s declaration, especially with all the cries about discrimination and what have you”, our source said, adding that the government is having a closer look at the operation and may send a delegation to meet with the south west governors on how to modify the legal framework that would form the bedrock of a revised Amotekun.

There is also the consideration of forming a working alliance with federal government security agencies.

It appears that the federal government is also worried that the south west state governments have been very outspoken about the security situations in the country and the failure of the federal government to find a lasting solution to it.  

“They are making the federal government appear as if it does bother about the security of lives and property of citizens, and that is worrisome to the government”, our source said.

“The result of this new move by the federal government is likely to be that Amotekun would be left to operate but with a new legal framework and a redefined modus”, he concluded.


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