Lay Catholic Group Masterminds Cease Fire in South Sudan

A Christian catholic lay group is responsible for the pledge by all factional groups to commence cessation of hostilities in crisis prone South Sudan, can reveal.

The Christian catholic lay group named Saint Egidio based in Rome, was said to have convened the peace negotiation sessions that forced all the factions into committing to the cessation of hostilities.

According to a press statement signed by representatives of the South Sudan government and alongside those of other factional groups, they have declared their commitments to the outcome of the peace process initiated by the catholic group which took place Rome.

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In the declaration issued on January 15th, representative of the government of South Sudan, Barnaba Benjamin; representative of South Sudan Movement Alliance, Thomas Clrillo Swaka and army leader of the South Sudan United Front, Paul Malong endorsed a declaration called “Rome Declaration on the Peace Process in South Sudan”.

The signatories further said “we solidly declare to commit/recommit and adhere to the cessation of hostilities agreement of December 2017.”

The factions pledged to halt armed conflict in their regions, while further promising to allow humanitarian activities in areas under their control.

Abdulgafar Oladimeji: Abdulgafar Olawale Oladimeji is a Nigerian born, London school of journalism trained journalist, who started his career in 1998 as a curb reporter in Kano. His work as a reporter has taken him to various African countries.
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