SWAN@56: Sports Writers Demand for Rights of Physically Challenged Persons to Sports

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The Kano chapter of the Sports Writers of Nigeria (SWAN) Kano state chapter has called on sports authorities to address the issues of infringing on the rights of the physically challenged persons to engage in sports activities.

The group specifically appealed that the challenge of lack of access to special sports facilities be addressed.

The chairman of the chapter, Musbau Yangurasa lamented what he described as the near absence of special facilities for special sports activities, noting that the development is worrisome.

According to him, sports authorities at various levels have turned blind eyes to the unacceptable situation confronting special sports, in the areas of lack of trained special sports coaches, administrators and non construction of special sports facilities in special schools, communities and recreational facilities.

He said “as we in Kano SWAN felicitate with our comrades and the sports fraternity, we are disturbed that nobody seems to bother about special sports.

“In our special schools, the facilities are not even available and it is now understood that nobody cares, this is unfair.  So far, our paralympians are heroic at the international levels, they have always written our name in gold, be it at the state, national, continental and international competitions.

“We are calling for authorities to reverse their attitude to special sports. There is need for appropriate facilities, also invest on the training of special sports coaches, reverse how they are been rewarded, for their achievements. We cannot continue to pretend, honestly special sports is endangered,” he stated.


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