Subterfuge behind Sharp Practices in Nigeria’s Security Stratagem

Chief of Defense Staff

By Bala Ibrahim.

Every evil plan is conceived with profound immorality, intended for ill feelings on individuals or communities, and such plans always come with a scheme to be played in phases, until the final plan is put into practice.

Because the intention is harmful and obviously detrimental to overall interests, such plans have illicit intrigues, secretly inserted to maximize the injury. Inciting an upsurge in insurgency can trigger active revolt against any Government, no matter the level of goodwill given to it by the people.

The recent upsurge of insurgency in the North East, particularly the consistency and ease with which events are happening in some parts of Borno state, where the popularity of the governor, Professor Baba Gana Zulum is increasingly zooming upward in trajectory, because of his compassion and constant care for the people, is giving room to support, or suspect the hands of some influential people, covertly working in a manner that is consistent with the code, advanced by the proponents of conspiracy theories. Inciting insurgency can be a strategy to unseat any president.

Long before PMB registered his surprise at the sudden surge in the incidences of insecurity,  particularly the upsurge of insurgency in the North East, where the Government is happy and convinced, that the insurgents have been degraded to incapacity, a retired army General, former Defense minister and one time Chief of Army Staff, General T. Y. Danjuma, warned the country of a possible danger, because he is in possession of information that is so unpleasant in nature, to which if he shares, many people would remain sleepless for long. General Danjuma is from the North East. Perhaps he knows those behind the sharp practice.

Also not long ago, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai,  another General from the North East, said that the terror group, Boko Haram, cannot be defeated easily, because of the indoctrination they received years ago. He said the group has a wide number of recruiters, logistics suppliers and propagandist living within the civilian population. “Insurgency is not what you defeat and it would just fizzle out; they would revert to other tactics. That is terrorism. They will promote propaganda, to the effect that all the institutions of government would be seen to be ineffective. This is what they are doing. They are exploiting the fault lines in our economic and political endeavors, to expand the gulf of so-called discord and acrimony amongst various ethnic and religious groups”.

Buratai is the military head of the fight against insurgency in Nigeria, and he is from the North East. Subterfuges abound in the execution of the strategy to unseat the president, I guess.

Only recently, the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, cried loudly about the deteriorating state of severity in the country, particularly in the North East. Speaking during plenary at the Senate chamber, Lawan said the loss of lives recorded in the country was unacceptable, saying there is need for those in government to do all necessary to secure the lives and property of citizens as contained in the constitution. He added that, speedy measures need to be taken to find solutions to the security problems the country is currently facing. The message was meant to send a stronger message to the president that, like Chinue Achebe said, things are falling apart, in the way and manner security issues are handled in the country. Ahmed Lawan is from the North East.

If we choose to cut into shreds, the perceived mischief behind the message of the “Northern Wailers Forum”, and take a sentence out of their submission, yes, Nigeria is heading in a dangerous direction in the area of security. But who is to blame for the orchestrated and long planned conspiracy?

PMB is in a position to know better, because he has long been a bitter victim. It’s either he knows and is playing indifferent, like he did in August 1985, because he is comfortable sleeping with the enemy, or he doesn’t know because he is ill informed by those in charge of intelligence. It is public that the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan and Speaker Gbajabiamila had seen him on the issue, and they addressed the press thereafter. But its not known whether Gen.T Y Danjuma, who has unfettered access to him has seen him on the issue, which I believe has some bearings with the increased restiveness and sleeplessness of the North East in particular and country in general.

Could the conspiracy be part of the long circulated rumor that Buhari is not the known elected president Buhari, but a human clone, that had been replaced by a Sudanese lookalike called Jubril?

Because conspiracies are sharp practices, atimes the hands of the clock are driven by foreign strategists, who may engage local hands and paid pen personnel, to spread fake news, bad news and all manner of stories that would incite a revolt, including calling for his resignation, and questioning the integrity of the person’s genetic composition.

It could be remembered that, sometimes back, at a conference in Poland, PMB was forced to deny that he is a human clone, calling the rumors irreligious, the answer of which drew laughter from the crowd.

Iam happy to hear that, as I write this article, the president has arrived in Maiduguri, apparently to condole with the people of the State on the Auno disaster, just after his return from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he attended the 33rd Ordinary Session of Heads of State and Government of the African Union.

I would be happier if the president would do the needful, by rejigging security, particularly the area of intelligence, in order to bring in the tested and trusted hands, so as to avoid what Joseph Ruben said in his film, sleeping with the enemy.

When you give solace to someone you’re not supposed to be friendly with, Joseph Ruben said, you are sleeping with the enemy. And such mistakes, come with consequences. God forbid.

Bala, a public analyst, writes from Abuja


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