I Don’t Know if Wilder Would Have Knocked Me Out in ’86, Mike Tyson Says

Mike Tyson, Lenox Lewis, Wilder

Mike Tyson has recently responded to Deontay Wilder’s 2018 bold claim that he could have knocked out a younger version of the boxing legend.Mike Tyson

The WBC champion, Wilder, 34, would lock horns with Tyson Fury on 22nd February in their highly-anticipated rematch.

But he has previously bragged about the idea that he could have KO’d a younger ‘Iron’ Mike.Mike Tyson, Wilder

“Me vs Tyson in ’86, I’d kick the hell outta that guy,” he told TMZ in 2018. Listen, I’ve got to keep it real. I know people always go back to the old school or look at the new school and there’s no school where I’m not No 1 on Earth.”Lenox Lewis

However, speaking to BT Sport, Tyson responded by saying he was unsure if the ‘Bronze Bomber’ would have beaten him.

But the 53-year-old boxing legend admired Wilder’s tenacity over the claim that he made two years ago.Mike Tyson, Wilder

“I don’t know [whether I’d beat him],” he said. “I love the fact that he thinks that, because that’s the way I would think as well.

“He’s supposed to think that way, he is the heavyweight champion of the world and that’s something very special.”

When Tyson was initially asked in 2018 if Wilder could have beaten him in a fight, the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ responded: “I don’t think so.”

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis previously slammed the WBC champ for bragging about the idea that he could beat Tyson.

“I just heard Deontay Wilder said he would destroy a young Mike Tyson,” he said.

“My thoughts are that it’s easy to talk until you actually get in the ring. I like Wilder but he’s never been in there with someone that ferocious who truly wants to break his ribs with every punch. I don’t see it.


“I love Wilder’s confidence… you need that to sit atop the heavyweight division… he’s hungry and shows up in probably best shape in division… but there’s levels to it… and he’s still adding to his arsenal.

“My best advice to the entire crop of young heavyweight champs is to focus on being the best of YOUR era! Out of respect and reality. It’s unproveable. Of course people asked, but I found no need to speculate or compare myself to my idol Ali or any other of the past greats.

“History will decide your place among the all time greats… so go out there, clean up the division, defend your title, reign supreme and your work will speak for itself.”

Shannon Briggs has also blasted Wilder and argued that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Tyson.


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