Kano Govt Did Not Banish Former Emir Sanusi, Says Attorney General

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, SSS Director, Inspector General of Police, AGF, AG Kano
Kano AG denied his government's involvement in Sanusi's banishment

Kano State attorney-general and commissioner of justice, Ibrahim Mukhtar has denied that the state government ordered the banishment of the former Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhmadu Sanusi.

Responding to queries on Channel TV Wednesday morning, the Kano chief law officer said when the emir was deposed, the statement confirming his deposition which was read by the secretary to the state government, Usman Alhaji did not utter the word “banished”.

The banishment of the deposed emir was a decision taken in the interest of safety, peace and avoidance of friction Mukthar argued.

Mukthar vehemently disassociated the state government from banishment of the emir, saying it was not neither initiated nor executed by the administration of Governor Ganduje

He hinted during a chat that the security operatives who whisked Sanusi away from the Kano palace to his current location in Nassarawa State were acting in tune with the prevailing security circumstances.

He dismissed that allegations by counsel to the former emir A. B. Mahmoud, SAN who had alleged that the fundamental human rights of the deposed emir were been infringed upon, stressing that the state government solely executed an administrative role.

A B. Mahmoud, Kano Government, Deny banishing former emir, Ibrahim Mukhtar, Muhammadu Sanusi II
A. B. Mahmoud said Muhammadu Sanusi asked him and his colleagues to challenge his banishment and incarceration

He further stressed that security agents were acting in tandem with security facts, while urging former emir through his legal representatives to check out with security agents the facts and circumstances that determined the banishment.

He argued that the security operatives may have been acting to protect the palace, the families domicile in the palace, and further posited that they also may have acted to ensure the safety of the deposed emir.

The AG alleged that unauthorized persons as at the time  were reported to have gained access into the palace, warranting the need for safety measures, adding that the security agencies must have acted in the overall interest of the people of Kano, an action which he said  would have been determined by facts and circumstances.

He urge lawyers to Sanusi to obtain  a comprehensive facts from security agencies to appraise what led to his banishment before branding his banishment as a breach of the fundamental rights of the former emir.

According to him, banishment of emirs in the aftermath their deposition is an old tradition which dates back to colonial era.

“You cannot have two emirs at a time,” he stated.


  1. And this man was a fine lawyer before taking up this appoinent. He should hear himself. Is he talking law or tradition? so invariably he accepted the fact that he was banished. Why is he blowing hot and cold and being evasive of the act done by; whether Gwandollar, PMB or whoever. In deed there was a country.


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