PCACC Begins Probe of Gov Ganduje’s Alleged Bribery Videos, Wants Petitioners’ Contact

Kano Concerned for Prudent Leadership, Group petitions PCACC,, To probe Gov Ganduje, Muhyi Magaji Rmin Gado, PCACC, Begins probe of Ganduje, Alleged bribery video
Kano Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

In the aftermath of the petition forwarded by Kano Concerned for Prudent Leadership to Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-corruption Commission (PCACC) on Wednesday, the commission said it has activated all machineries to commence its probe of the matter.

Chairman of the commission, Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado however said he needs the group that sent the petition to come forward with more information that would assist PCACC to do justice in its investigation.

He said the source of the video clips showing the governor receiving money needs to be ascertained, and lamented that the group’s letter carried no contact address nor phone number.

“This is a huge hindrance. We must trace the origin of the clips. We must also try to get in touch with the giver of the alleged bribe. We have started working on those angles and we need to get in touch with the petitioners,” he told Judicial Sketch.

Muhyi Magaji Rmin Gado, PCACC, Begins probe of Ganduje, Alleged bribery video
PCACC chairman, Muhyi, said his commission is apolitical and independent

“Make no mistake about it, we are not political about issues of this nature and we are independent in our functions. I have consistently said that it is not only the less privileged Nigerians who must face justice. Everyone is a subject of the law, and you know that the law is blind to status and position”, he added.

Muhuyi Magaji Rimigado said immediately the commission received the petition, same was forwarded to the department responsible for investigation to address the issue.

He however said he does not not like it when issues are made out of routine and day-to-day activities of his commission just because it involves influential persons.

“We receive tens and tens of petitions daily and no one cares, but as soon as it concerns an emir, a governor or some wealthy persons, different connotations are given to routine issues. I think Nigerians have discriminatory minds”, he said.




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