COVID-19, Beneficiary of Tussle between Religion, Science, Mysticism and Humanity

SCOVID-19, Religion, Science, Mysticism, Humanity

The eminent physicist, Jean E. Clarion was an advocate of reconciliation between science and mysticism, and that physics was without any iota of doubt the most qualified to throw light on metaphysical problems.

In the past centuries, physicists have not allowed metaphysics to venture into their language and field of experience.

Religion, science, metaphysics and humanity all admit that life is all about life, death, spirit, the body, knowledge and God.

Saint Augustine said “the world is as it appears to us made of things which we cannot see at all.

Mystics tend not to take part in efforts made by science to break through the mysteries of humanity.

In the past, there were no conflicts between sacred and material knowledge, as mystics of old were also masters in social sciences, sciences, history, astronomy, mathematics, geometrics, architecture, surgery and medicine.

At a point, science served theology, and scientists had their works subjected to interpretations by theologians.

Scientist start their work by observing poorly understood natural phenomenon to arrive at mathematics that metamorphosed to natural laws.

Scientists like access to their works and divulged results to the world of science to be utilized to solve human problems.

The challenge posed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is a strong indication that science needs religion and mysticism, so as religion and mysticism needs science.

A conglomerate of the aforementioned forces would have conjured cheap, easy and amicable succor to any form of global challenge that confronts humanity, COVID-19 inclusive.

The failure to blend the vigor of reasoning with the virtues of inspiration and intuition would continue to breed and breath the fertility of life to all types of global challenges, health challenges inclusive, that would seem and would always pretend to defy scientific, religious and mystical solutions.

Mystics have been so preoccupied with spirituality, abandoning and ignoring the material existence of humanity.

Religion has failed to take centre-stage in the affairs of humanity, beyond the singing of hymns, beyond the voice of the muezzins, the call to prayers from the minarets. Likewise, the Buddhists and their signs of piety as exhibited in their black and red colored robes.

Religion was given to man to produce peaceful heritages, both spiritually and materially.

According to James H. Leuba, as reported in the book, THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY, religion is all moral ideals, which they are expressed of great interest to society.

It is further argued that whoever severs the welfare of the society is religious.

One of the great thinkers and philosopher, Aristotle, renowned for his unrepentant criticism of traditional religion, in a contrast to his held beliefs admitted that for an ideal society to flourish, then religion is necessary.

Another popular mystic and advocate of religion, Socrates did not conceal his disapproval  for  atheism, arguing that intellectual pursuit must be separated from the focus on the physical, the duo have a primary role in advancing the life and  challenges that  bedeviled  humanity.


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