Next Few Days Very Critical, Doctor Says as Kano COVID-19 Cases Rise

Critical days ahead, Kano COVID-19 Cases Rise
Kano State governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, announced the first index case on Saturday

With Wednesday’s first recorded death from COVID-19 in Kano State, Nigeria, and the rapid increase in new confirmed cases since Saturday when the first case was announced, a medical personnel in the country, Dosunmu Adelabu, has said the situation in the state was scary, but not unexpected.

Healthcare handlers in the state have been on their toes during the week as new cases of the virus were been confirmed daily for the past six days, bringing the total in the state to 21 by Wednesday night, making the rate of contract in Kano a bit more rapid than most states in Nigeria.

“This is scary but not unexpected”, the doctor explained to Judicial Sketch, adding that “the maximum stage of infection has almost been reached now. The incubation period is ripe and many positive cases will be recorded henceforth. Many people can get infected now.”

He said normally, “within these past two weeks in Nigeria, all the infected persons will begin to show symptoms. It is a critical time now, and people have to be more careful.”

He cautioned people to respect the lockdown order religiously for the next one week, and asked the state government to study the situation very well before it lifts the stay-at-home order.




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