Lagos Residents Cry Out as Hoodlums Ransack Homes

Police I.G., Kano Police, Respect Peoples’ Rights, Enforcing Lockdown Order
Nigeria's Inspector-General of Police

The stay-at-home order imposed on Lagos State by the federal and state governments is being complied with, but law-abiding residents lament that hoodlums have taken over the streets and are wrecking havoc on the innocent.

Judicial Sketch reporters in Lagos observe that a group of armed hoodlums have been going around settlements and forcefully dispossessing residents at their homes, robbing them of money and food items.

A resident, Baba Agba, who said his son was attacked by the hoodlums who went to his house in numbers, told our reporter that they broke down his son’s door, forced their way into his house, collected his money and carted away his food items.

Lagos, Residents Cry Out, Hoodlums Ransack Homes
Hoodlums are having a field day in Lagos

Another resident who does not want to be named said he feared that security operatives in the state were helpless “either because they are overwhelmed or they are indifferent. I really do not know which, because we have notified them of our predicament but they have not responded, and these boys are getting bolder by the day.”

Judicial Sketch was told that “the bizarre thing about all these is that the hoodlums do not sneak around. They notify residents of their coming. They will write to tell us that they are coming and they will come. Even if we call the police, we don’t receive any response.”

“Coping with the socio-economic bites of the lockdown and the psychological effect of COVID-19 fear are not easy for Nigerians today, but throwing this security challenge into the pot will never make a palatable sauce,” said another  resident.



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