Kano Gets PCACC COVID-19 Task-force to Receive Complaints, Tackle Graft

Muhyi Magaji, Probe Ganduje, Group urges, PCACC Boss
PCACC chairman, Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado, has been called upon to be fearless

Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission (PCACC) on Monday said it has instituted a COVID-19 Task Force to ensure that corruption does not tamper with the proper management of the pandemic in the state.

A press release from the commission signed by Bashir Kabir said it has identified the COVID-19 situation with probable Corruption Risk (CR).

According to him, “transparency and accountability are easily shoved under the carpet in the confusion of the general public and due to lack of monitoring.”

He said the “tendency of misuse or politicization of relief materials aimed as palliative to all citizens, human rights violations, and misappropriations and or misconduct by the health workers and other essential work force as said to have been witnessed in other parts of the country under the lockdown restrictions is becoming imminent in all affected areas.”

Bashir explained that “In order to avoid the occurrence of this in Kano State, in particular, the Commission came up with the PCACC COVID-19 Taskforce with the following objectives:

“Monitoring of intervention measures taken by the government to reduce the impact of the pandemic, which includes and not limited to, palliatives, lock-downs, and various disease control interventions.

“Relief effort by philanthropist and individuals meant to ease hardship of the less privileged during the lockdown and the approaching Ramadan period.

“Monitoring and advising the state government on the law enforcement activities in the state to avoid the occurrences of human rights and gender-based violence.

“To receive complaints/suggestions from the public and take informed actions in order to alleviate sufferings during the pandemic period

“To help in enlightenment and educating the public on the quarantine rules and regulations, viz-a-viz citizens’ right.

“To collaborate with other institutions in the state in solving problems that might arise during this period.”

Bashir Kabir, Kano, PCACC COVID-19, Taskforce, Receive Complaints, Tackle Graft
Bashir Kabir will coordinate the task-force

Bahir, who is the coordinator of the task-force, said to achieve the above, “the Commission, in addition to its ablest staff, has incorporated civil society groups from the fields of anti-corruption, Gender Based Violence, Youth Development, Health and Governance and established the Taskforce which starts activities on Monday 20th of April 2020.

He concluded that “While maintaining the safe social distance policy, the taskforce will receive complaints/suggestions through electronic media and also observe daily physical monitoring around the state.”


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