Kano Police to Respect Peoples’ Rights When Enforcing Lockdown Order, Spokesman Says

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Nigeria's Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu

The Kano State command of the Nigeria Police Force has directed its officers and men to respect the fundamental rights of citizens while enforcing the lock-down order in the state.

Command spokesman, DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, told Judicial Sketch that the police operatives that were deployed to enforce the order have been properly briefed on the importance of respecting laid down human rights laws as they conduct their operations.

According to him, police officers are expected to always exercise professionalism, and that the enforcement of the lock-down order is not an exception, warning that any officer caught operating otherwise would be punished according to policing duty regulations.

Kiyawa disclosed that as part of respect for human rights, those arrested for committing offences that are bailable are released on administrative bail conditions, adding that those held in detention, who are mostly persons accused of  committing offences that are not bailable by law are carefully screened before been detained in compliance with the  social distancing policy.

He is urged the people of Kano to continue to observe social distancing.


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