Al-Mustapha Advocates for Urgent Review of Kano Lock-down

Al-Mustapha, Advocates, Urgent Review, Kano Lock-down
Deserted street in Kano metropolis as the state was put under lock-down

A businessman in Kano State, Hadi Al-Mustapha has urged Kano state government to hurriedly embark on the review of the lock-down imposed on the people of the state.

Hadi who bemoaned the spike in the cases of mortality been recorded daily said imposing a partial as against total lock-down is the preferred non pharmaceutical antidote to challenge of the unexplained deaths ravaging the state.

According to him, lack of access to basic health care services, poor hygiene, harsh weather conditions may be responsible for the deaths that are been recorded.

While decrying the loss of prominent Kano sons and daughters in the past three days, Hadi explained that majority of the deaths reported had occurred inside the walls of the ancient city, further noting that the affected areas are the most densely populated parts of the city, and urging the state government to as a matter of urgency proceed to enforce environmental hygiene procedures and to draw a short and long term template that would facilitate decongestion and administer best hygiene practices.

The younger brother to Hamza Al – Mustapha, who was the CSO to former head of state, General Sani Abacha, cautioned that the a vast number of Kano people survive on menial jobs, and that the insistence on administering the Lagos and Abuja method of fighting the COVID-19 menace will yield the anticipated results, stressing Kano requires a diversified tactics since its environment, orientation, culture and psychology differ.

He further said a no-mask-no-movement policy will suit the state, and that granting permission to small businesses to function effectively will bring an end to the ongoing mysterious mortality in the state.

To cushion the situation further, he advised that  the state government should domesticate the mass production of face mask and hand sanitizers for onward distribution to resident at no cost, insisting that these approaches, coupled with observing social distance regulations will aid the proposed partial lock down to attain the motive of containing the spread of the deadly virus and also help curb the deaths been reported arising from the lock-down invoked on the state.

Hadi appealed to the political dynasties operating in the state to set aside their political differences and gang up against the unenviable health challenges that is about to submerge the state.


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