Woman Who Died in Kano Church Sunday Wasn’t Removed by NCDC till Monday

Woman, Died in Kano Church, Sunday, Removed by NCDC, Monday
Health officials arrive Monday afternoon to evacuate the corpse of the woman who died since Sunday PHOTO: Abdulgafar Oladimeji (Judicial Sketch)

There was pandemonium in Sabo Gari as NCDC officials evacuate the corpse of an aged woman who passed away inside a church compound.

The dead woman breathed her last inside the premises of Church of Lord, Aladura, located at No 35A Burma Road.

According to a co-tenant who also resides inside the church premises, the deceased died on Sunday, alleging that several calls were put across to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) officials intimating them about the incidence, but the efforts failed to yield results.

The news of the demise of the deceased went viral courtesy of its broadcast by a Kano-based radio station.

At about 1:58pm NCDC on Monday officials were sighted as they performed medical rituals for the evacuation of the corpse.

The incidence invoked panic, as residents of the area deserted their homes, and housewives put calls across to their husbands to seek directives on the next line of action.

One of the neighbors who spoke said “I know the dead woman.  She is old and has been very sick. We are not sure of what killed her, but we are hearing that she may have died of COVID-19.

“We needed to be cautious, and seeing the health condition we are witnessing now, I fear for my life and my children have called my husband. Immediately he comes back home, we will know what next,” she said.

Our correspondent reports that hundreds of people living in the area have resorted to covering the nose and mouth with the edge of their shirts, wrappers and handkerchiefs.


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