Federal Court Judge Lambasts Lawyers’ Unpreparedness in Court

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The Federal High Court headquarters in Abuja

A Kano federal high court judge, Justice Lewis Allagoa, has bemoaned the gradual crippling of the standard in legal practice among new wigs in Nigeria.

The judge, on Monday in an open court, lambasted legal practitioners who conduct themselves in manners he said were unbefitting of the legal practice.

Trouble began when a lawyer moved an application for bail in respect of a defendant currently under the custody of a law enforcement agency in Kano. The defense counsel was requested to avail the court with the authority cited in his application, but his response infuriated the court when he could not furnish the authorities requested.

Justice Allagoa lamented how lawyers come to court to move for bail without been prepared, saying a lawyer who goes to court without been prepared is like a farmer who goes to farm without a hoe.


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