Anger as Rainfall Soaks FG Palliative Materials in Kano

KASCO, Anger, Rainfall, Soaks FG Palliative, Kano

About a hundred trailer-loads of palliative materials – mostly grains – brought to Kano by the federal government have been soaked in rain water, as acute shortage of food continues to scourge citizens during the continuing lockdown period.

Judicial Sketch learnt that the materials, which were stocked in the premises of Kano Agricultural Supply Company (KASCO) at Farm Centre, were beaten by rainfall on three occasions that the rain has fallen in Kano so far.

Judicial Sketch’s visit to KASCO premises on Tuesday revealed that some of the bags of grains were covered with tarpaulin, but it was not clear if they were covered before or after the rainfall. The quantum of destruction could also not be immediately ascertained.

Reports have it that the food items include 1,380 metric tons of millet, 5,318 metric tons of rice, 2,438 metric tons of maize, and 900 metric tons of Sorghum.

It was difficult to measure the level of recklessness on the part of the state government in this regard, and no government official has been able to explain to Judicial Sketch why the materials were yet to be distributed to the needy.

However, a Kano-based online news medium, Solacebase, reported the chairman of Kano State Fundraising Committee Professor Mohammed Yahuza Bello as saying his committee was to commence evacuation and distribution of the palliative materials on Thursday.

The report did not say if the committee will still go ahead to share drained grains to people, nor did it say how it plans to salvage any material that may not have been destroyed. There was equally no report of any action that may have been taken to sort out the materials and access the damages.

Anger and frustration have trailed the incidence, as citizens have continued to send in harsh commentaries, many of them asking that the state government and the committee involved be asked to pay for all the damages.

A citizen send a message advising the state anti-graft agency to look into the matter “to ascertain if anyone is culpable and negligent, and such a person should be brought to book.”



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