Buhari’s Order 10 Bolsters Separation of Powers, Says Kano NBA Chair

Buhari’s Executive Order 10, Bolsters Separation of Powers, Says Kano NBA Chair
NBA Kano chairman, Abdul Adamu Fagge

The chairman of the Kano branch of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Abdul Adamu Fagge, has described the Executive Order No. 10 issued by President Muhammadu Buhari granting financial autonomy to the legislative and judicial arms of state governments as a step that would strengthen and uphold the doctrine of the separations of power as truly conscripted in the constitution of the country.

Abdul, who was reacting to the divergent views that have continued to trail the Executive Order issued by the president said the new order would usher in an anticipated era where justice devoid of considerations would be dispensed.

He argued that the judiciary has been the weakest amidst the three arms of government, stressing that the newly signed order would make the third arm of government to be better positioned to assert its independence when presiding over judicial matters.

Abdul said “before the judiciary executes any project, it has to apply for the release of funds from the executive arm of government.  The constitution states the separation of powers for all arms of government, but in actuality the judiciary lacks financial autonomy.

“The judiciary applying for funds from the executive makes the judiciary weaker, which contradicts the spirit of the doctrine of separation of power.

According to him, the order which now provides for the legislative and judicial arms of government to access funds without been subservient to the executive arm would further strengthen democratic principles and help nurture good governance in Nigeria.


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