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Kano PCACC chairman, Muhyi Magaji Rimingado

By Umar Hadi

The recent traumatic lockdown occasioned by the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic has drawn my attention to the activities of Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) and its chairman.

At a time when most citizens could not go out to source for their daily needs, when businesses were plummeting, when essential daily needs could not be met, and fear of the unknown permeated everywhere, states and the federal governments decided righty that there was the need to alleviate the suffering of the people through the distribution of palliatives to the most needy.

That same time provided an opportunity for some scrupulous government officials and businessmen to visit more hardship on the citizens either through the diversion of the palliative materials or greedy price hike of essential goods.

The Kano PCACC sprung to action and, through sheer commitment, fearlessness and resilience, took the bull by the horn and faced the scourge with a determination that was very unusual in our clime.

First the chairman of the commission said he wanted to hear from the people about the way palliatives were being distributed, so that the commission could intervene when there was any unbecoming activity and subsequently forced greedy traders to bring down prices of essential food items that were so badly needed at a time when resources were so uncommonly scarce.

Muhyi Magaji Rimingado, Consummate Ombudsman, Anti-Graft Chief
Perhaps the series of studies Muhyi underwent within and outside Nigeria have fortified him adequately for the tough job

That was the time I became particularly interested in the chairman of the commission, Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado, and I took it upon myself to find out what makes him so strong. I found out a few things that I think I should share with everyone.

Muhyi started from a humble background and steadily, out of passion for the fight against corruption, rule of law and good governance went through public service and activism that caps into an anti-corruption crusade carrier at both civic and public service sphere in Kano State and Nigeria at large.

Muhyi acquired cognitive experience in public and private life for almost 20 years with particular reference to anti-corruption and ombudsman in preventive, meditative and combative aspects.

As the vice chairman of Rimingado local government from 2003 to 2009, he came into the fore as the resilient personality that questioned the status quo of the then state government in terms of resources management.

Subsequently, between year 2010 and 2014, he continued with the good fight to checkmate misappropriation, excesses and power abuse that included deliberate postponement of local government elections at that time. This event and others calumniated in to several court cases in order to consolidate rule of law.

He was handed the stewardship of the Kano State PCACC on 15th June 2015 by His Excellency the Executive Governor of Kano State, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (ofr) and ever since has been checkmating various corruption and ombudsman cases bedeviling the commercial state at both public and private sector with the dexterity of a man who knows what he is doing.

A lawyer by training, Muhyi was called to bar in 2018 after completing his law degree at Bayero University, Kano. In addition to that, he attended various anti-corruption and ombudsman courses and conventions in many countries including, Greece, Brazil, Austria, Israel Luxemburg and USA.  He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, International Centre for Arbitration & Mediation, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria, and International Bar Association

With his arrival as the fourth chairman of PCACC, nearly everything that was known about the commission changed almost overnight. From digitizing the activities of the commission that include complaint lodging and handling to capacity building of the staff in the most prestigious anticorruption academies in the country including EFCC, ICPC et cetra. Muhyi eked the face of the commission on the global map of ombudsman and fight against corruption.

Volumes upon volumes of cases and special assignments were handled and resolved since he took over the stewardship of the commission in 2015.

Few of those are the verification and distribution of mall space at Kwari ‘yan Tebura, sanitizing the famous Kwari and Wambai markets from illegal structures by unscrupulous business men, recovery of land from WAECO back to the rightful owners, recovery of up to N23,140,00 in cash as the misappropriated fund from the Global Partner for Education (GPE) fund or Nigeria Partnership for Education Project (NIPEP) which is being issued back to the Ministry of Education to carry out important projects and the JUSUN case .

Muhyi is happily married with kids he loves hanging out with in his free time.

Hadi writes from Kano.


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