Suspected Kano Serial Rapist Reveals Modus Operandi

Kano Serial Rapist, Reveals Modus Operandi
The suspected rapist said most of his victims were minors

A 32 years old man, name withheld, who was arrested over the alleged rape of 40 women has disclosed the tactics he deployed in carrying out the alleged illicit act.

Speaking on how he succeeded in allegedly raping the women in Kwanar Dangora community in Kano, North West Nigeria, the suspect, who is currently in police custody at the state police command headquarters in Kano in an exclusive interview with Judicial Sketch on Friday said whenever I target a house, on my way to the house, I will take off my clothes somewhere along the way before reaching the house.

“I normally take away the clothes to avoid been identified prior to or after committing the act. Also, even when caught in the act, without my clothes on, I can easily escape since I cannot be grabbed by my clothes.”

He further confessed that most of his victims were minors. “I have reasons for targeting minors, they don’t resist me, and when am done with them, as victims they can hardly understand or remember what happened to them.

The suspect disclosed that until his arrest for committing the alleged rape of 40 women, he was a trader in onions.

When quizzed on the number of women who fell victim to his nefarious sexual escapade, he said “I cannot remember the exact number. When I was apprehended in the community I feared for my life after been subjected to serious battering by an angry mob, and to save my life I said that I had raped 40 women, but those I raped were mostly minors.

“The older ones had resisted my attempt so I targeted minors because they cannot and do not resist, because they don’t seem to understand what I was doing to them.”

He dismissed the insinuations that his decision to rape an 80 years old woman was necessitated by spiritual motives to acquire material gains.

The suspect said he has never been involved in gang rape. He said “I fell into temptation, I can’t explain why it all happened, I regret my disgraceful conduct.

My father and mother who are alive must be ashamed of what have done, I seek for forgiveness. The suspected rapist stated.

The Public Relations Officer, Kano State Police Command , DSP Abdullahi Kiyawa said the state commissioner of police, Habu Sani has ordered discreet investigation to unravel what transpired between the suspect and his victims, adding that a crack squad was deployed to the scene of the incident at Kwanar Dangora.

Kiyawa further said the suspect has made a confessional statement, noting that police detectives have conducted interviews with the affected parties.

He said on completion of preliminary investigations by the police the matter would be charged to court.


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