Lawyer Urges Kano Chief Judge to Open Courts

Lawyer, Urges Kano Chief Judge, Open Courts

The Chief Judge of Kano State, Justice Nura Sagir Umar, has been urged to consider opening the state High Courts, especially the appeal division so that pending cases could be heard and determined.

A Kano-based legal practitioner, Usman Umar Fari, made the request in a letter to the Chief Judge dated 17th June, 2020, citing the examples of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal as well as the Federal High Court which he said have commenced sittings to determine matters pending before them.

He wrote:

“After months of total lockdown, the Federal Government and some States have adopted some methods in easing the lockdown.

“Within the judicial circle, the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal (including Kano Judicial Division) hear appeals while the Kano division of the Federal High Court sits and determines matters that do not require hearing of oral evidence.

“It is on this background that we urge my lord to direct the appeal division of the High Court to open its session for hearing and determination of pending appeals as determination of same would not require oral evidence. This will tremendously help in alleviating the suffering of the convicted inmates who are waiting for their appeals to be heard and determined and will equally help in decongesting our prisons.

“It is in view of the foregoing that we humbly apply to your god office to consider the opening of the above-mentioned court in the interest of justice”, he wrote in his letter.

Usman Umar Fari, Lawyer, Urges Kano Chief Judge, Open Courts
Fari wants courts to be partially opened

The letter was duly received at the office of the Chief Judge on Thursday, 18th June, 2020.




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