EDO STATE: Now that Obaseki has Emerged

Umoru Ibrahim, Edo State, Now that Obaseki has Emerged
Edo Stae governor, Godwin Obaseki (left) has a frosty relationship with his predecessor, Adams Oshiomhole

By Umoru Ibrahim

Where are Oshiomhole’s e-rats? Have they gone into political and social oblivion so soon?

Well, that is okay by them. But for us the battle has just begun. Their sudden decline in negative agitations and empty advocates came not to us as surprise. For he who rally round a paper tiger and propagates lies and hatred lives in discomfort zone of woes of disappoints, lamentations and regrets. Here lies the current status of Oshiomhole’s minions anywhere they are.

Today they have become political orphans whose political godfather is now a child in the political wilderness. We are happy that the aggressive mobilisation of resources to stop Obaseki, the propagandistic activities of Oshiomhole and footsoldiers to destroy the hard earned reputation of the peoples Governor and the blackmails they brought to bear in their evil and anti-people endeavour seldom stop Obasiki from securing a credible platform for the renewal of a deserved mandate.

We must however dare no celebration now, for the main battle has not been won. September is the month and a day in that month is reserved for two most historic political assignments for the good people of the Heartbeat of the Nation: the renewal of Governor Obaseki’s mandate and the nailing of Oshiomhole’s political coffin

On the D-day, Edo people as very civilised Nigerians must strictly adhere to the democratic tenet of peaceful election. They must however start preparing to adopt Governor Wike’s philosophy of rugged defence of votes and brutal resistance to state’s sponsored political thugs assigned to use violence to deny the people rights to elect candidate of their choice.

Edo should know that the current war is between those with disposition toward regaining its lost glory as well as moving it to an enviable height on one hand and those whose ambitions are propelled by self aggrandizement.

We don’t want to delude ourselves with erroneous impression that the political enemies have been weakened to the level of incapacity to do political harms. We dare not temp them with weakness. For only when the commitments of the good people of Edo state are sufficient beyond doubt can we be sure without doubt that the enemies of the people will not strike a devastating blow.

Nevertheless, let everybody in the opposing camp of Edo transformation know that  the mindset of most Edos, both at home and in diaspora today, is that of men and women who are  ready to pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, opposed any foe to ensure the successful renewal of Obaseki’s mandate. Here lies the consensus of the good people of Edo state.

To the good people of Ayuele land, this is indisputably a payback time for a governor who cares for our people and a governor we believe will continue to beam a developmental searchlight to our land. Granted, a lot needs to be done in Ayuele land. The roads from Ugholi to Ubiane, Agbede to Jagbe and Agbede to Egho are demanding urgent attentions if truth must be told. Our commitments and full participation in the reelection of Obaseki will give us a solid platform to demand for more.

Let us go ahead unhindered to work for the land we love by working with and supporting those who gave us listening ears yesterday, with expectations of more in years to come.

Mr. Ibrahim, a journalist, writes from Kano.




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