COVID-19: SARC Decries Increase in Toll of Alleged Rape Cases, Gender-Based Violence

COVID-19, SARC, Decries Increase in Toll, Alleged Rape Cases, Gender-Based Violence

The cases of rape and Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Kano State had risen tremendously following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) has disclosed.

The secretary, SARC steering committee, Abbass Ibrahim told Judicial Sketch that the recorded cases spread across the state, saying there was the need for immediate action to stem the ugly tide.

He said “we have observed that the increasing rate of rape and gender-based violence is alarming in Kano state.  This cuts across girls, women, young and old. People are now living in fear as they are no longer safe even in their homes.

“During the COVID-19 lock down in Kano, Waraka Sexual Referral Centre alone  recorded 38 cases in April, 12 cases in May,  76 cases in June totaling 127 cases of gender base violence in three months”, Abbas revealed.

He further said “the police has to step up, and swing into action, to investigate and arrest the perpetrators, charge them to court of competent jurisdiction.”

The centre lamented that the arrest of perpetrators seemed to no longer serve as a deterrent, calling on the federal and state governments to promulgate laws that would classify rape as a non bailable offence.

SARC urged governments to establish special court that would be dedicated to solely preside over cases of rape, to quicken the dispensation of justice.

The centre cautioned parents of rape victims in the state to desist from the act of   negotiating out of court settlements in relations to offences bordering around   rape cases.

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