Nigerian Editors Get Committee to Review Constitution

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Editors in Nigeria under the aegis of Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) are set to review the body’s constitution after just three years of adopting the extant one.

But the president of the Guild, Mustapha Isah, said while inaugurating the constitutional review committee (CRC) on Thursday  that it was necessary to have a second look at the constitution in order to address germane issues that have constituted a source of concern for members in the past three years.

“The current constitution classifies us into Associate and Full members. Should a voluntary association of editors have such a dichotomy? Is it right to classify some Fellows of our Guild as Associate members?  Is it right for an editor who is a full member today to turn to an associate member tomorrow?

“What should be the minimum qualification to be admitted as a member of the Guild? Should we limit it to title editors and news directors only? What about the online media? Who should be eligible to apply for membership? In the publicly- owned media houses and news agencies, should we admit assistant directors aside directors and deputy director”, Isah explained.

He said “We want this honourable committee to make recommendations in resolving these critical questions.

“On elections, should all members be eligible to contest for all positions? Should elective positions be reserved only for current title editors, directors, deputy directors and controllers of news? If yes, what about the position Deputy President? Should a member be eligible to contest without first holding any Standing Committee position considering the fact that he may assume the position of President in the event of the resignation or death of the substantive President?

“The Standing Committee wants this honourable CRC member to look at all other provisions of our current constitution, including those relating to financing, with a view to making recommendations to strengthen the Guild and ensure its financial stability”, he said.

The inaugurated committee of eight members includes Ray Ekpu who was appointed as chairman, while Felix Nwadioha will serve as secretary.

Other members are Dupe Ajayi-Gbadebo, Gbenga Adefaye, Bonnie Iwuoha, Tony Akiotu Baba Dantiye and James Akpandem.



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