Women Rights Activist Blames Mass Divorce on Poverty

Women Rights Activist, Blames Mass Divorce, Poverty

Kano based women rights activist, Zainab Ali Musa  has accused prevalent poverty as responsible for the worrisome number of cases of divorce in the country.

Zainab, while addressing hundreds of women at a community nutrition education session organized by Civil Society Scalling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) at Gama community in Nassarawa local government in Kano metropolis noted that household harsh economic situations could be attributed to a vast number of cases of divorce.

She further said investigations have revealed that bulk number of marriages that crumbled had crashed for economic reasons.

Zainab stressed that the economic incapacity of men also plays a dominant role in invoking maternal health challenges in the country.

The CS-SUNN chairperson lamented that poverty resulting into anemia has also led to the deaths of pregnant women and children in various parts of the country.

Zainab explained that the empowerment of women will help shed economic load in marital lives of citizens and would in turn serve as solution to the continuous rise in cases of mass divorce in the country.

She added that the economic empowerment of women would also help to curb maternal health care challenges since they would have the funds to supplement nutritional requirements during ante post natal periods.


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