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Lawyer Petitions Police over Involvement in Rent Matters, Laments Threat of ‘Illegal’ Ejection

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Nigeria's inspector-general of police, Mohammed Adamu

A Kano-based legal practitioner, J. O. Onyewueke has petitioned Kano state commissioner of police over what he called forcerceful and unlawful ejection from his law firm by a landlord.
The petitioner raised the alarm in a letter dated 31st August addressed to commissioner of police , Kano state command titled “Continuous Threat of Unlawful Ejection By Alhassan Bashir with Active Support of Deputy Commissioner of police, Paul Odama.”
The legal practitioner stated that one Alhasan Bashir on 25th July criminally trespassed into his law firm located at 26B Post Office Road, Kano.
Onywueke in the missive protested his invitation to the state police command headquarters in respect of a matter he described as “civil”, stating that the police dabbling into the crisis between he and his landlord is a pure contravention of the provisions of the law.
According to him, the landlord had made attempts to coerce the police into ejecting him from his law office.
Onyewueke stated that he had to honour police invitation, even though he frowned at the manner the police handled the dispute saying, “police should be involved in criminal matters only and not civil matters like collection of rents for landlord or debts.”
“There was no court judgment or order of ejection against my person or my law firm and the landlord has not served me with any quit notice”, he stated in the petition.


EDO 2020 GOV POLLS: Human Rights Group Hails Oba of Benin


Centre for Democracy and Developments (CDD) has applauded the His Royal Majesty, Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, for dousing the tensions that has enveloped the 2020 governorship election campaigns in Edo state.
The centre in a statement signed by its director, Idayat Hassan issued on Monday, commended the monarch for initiating the recent peace parley session that engaged all the major political parties.
Idayat said the peace process initiated by the traditional ruler has compelled the contestants to rethink and refrain from uttering inciting and provocative statements.
According to her, the peace parley staged by the Benin monarch has helped the politicians to comprehend the damage they were inflicting on peace and social order in the state.
The CDD director further commended the traditional ruler for lending his weight and influential voice towards dousing the disturbing level of provocation.
“We are pleased that the Benin monarch His Royal Majesty Oba Ewuare II has taken this important step to get the politicians to see the implications of their utterances and their conduct.
“We are convinced that the message of peace, orderly conduct and sportsmanship, which was well articulated by the monarch would get to the political leaders.
“CDD is now confident that the tension in Edo will be doused, paving the way for the voters especially women and others historically marginalized to participate in the electoral process.”

Ganduje Announces Partial Lifting of Ban on Sports Activities 

Ibrahim Galadima, Ganduje, Lift ban, Sports activities
KSSC chairman, Ibrahim Galadima

Kano state governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has ordered the partial lifting of the ban on sports activities, executive chairman, Kano state sports commission, Ibrahim Galadima disclosed.
The commission in a press statement issued on Monday said the decision is an extension of the partial lifting of restriction on sports activities by the Presidential Task Force headed by secretary general to the government of the federation, SGF, Mustapha Boss.
The statement signed by the public relations officer, Kano state sports commission, KSSC, Abbati Sabo said “ on behalf of Kano state government, the executive chairman Kano state sportsports commission, KSSC Ibrahim Galadima wish to state that following the partial lifting of ban on sports activities that was announced by the PTF, the commission wish to announce the extension of the partial lifting of restrictions on sports in the state.
“The general public should note that only trainings are allowed, spectators are not allowed at training events, competitions should not be organized. All sports activities are to take place in compliance with Covid-19 protocols.”

All States Must Join in Fighting Corruption, Says PCACC Chairman

All States, Join, Fighting Corruption, PCACC Chairman
PCACC chairman, Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado

Corruption could be reduced to its barest minimum in Nigeria if all states of the federation would establish, fund and support a functional anti-corruption agency.

Chairman of Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-corruption Commission (PCACC) gave this hint while speaking on a program in Nagarta Radio, Kaduna Sunday morning.

Judicial Sketch monitored the program from Kano.

He said a few states in the country have joined Kano in establishing such a commission, adding that fighting corruption should not be left to the federal government alone.

Muhuyi explained that he met PCACC in a moribound state, saying there were only two policemen and a few lawyers forming part of the 30 staff of the commission.

He however said the commission has seen rapid transformation that swelled its workforce to 150 highly trained and effective staff.

According to him, even though the scope of the commission is wide, appreciable success has been continuously recorded due to his transformational efforts.

“We combine the jobs of four agencies in one at PCACC. Ordinarily, public complaint is one huge job on its own. Then, we have the anti-corruption aspect which is equally a huge job. We also deal with human rights issues which you know is another tedious job. Finally, we mediate to settle disputes among citizens, which in itself is another big job”, he explained.

He however said “As tedious as it is, I feel particularly fulfilled because the response we get from people has been very encouraging. They expressed satisfaction with the way we handle their matters without regards for positions and personalities.”

NLC Demands Reversal of Fuel Price Hike, Says FG Insincere, Insensitive

NLC, Demands Reversal, Fuel Price Hike, FG Insincere, Insensitive
NLC President

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Saturday threatened to take decisive action if the federal government failed to reverse the price of Premium Motor Spirit popularly known as petrol to N121 .
NLC President, Ayuba Wabba said “We demand that the Federal Government reverts to the old price of N121 given during the lockdown associated with COVID-19 pandemic which Nigerians who were mainly confined in their houses hardly enjoyed.”
He said, “As we have always maintained, the Nigeria Labour Congress will never accept the transfer of government incompetence on Nigerians through hike in the pump price of petrol. The incompetence of government in this regard is particularly manifest by the rundown of our public refineries and resort to the unscrupulous economics of fuel importation.
“At the risk of shouting ourselves hoarse, we reiterate that the increase in the pump price of petrol is simply the cost of profits made by countries that have enough sense to maintain refineries that refine our crude oil, the cost of sea freight of refined petrol, the cost of demurrage at our seaports when the refined products arrive, the cost of frequent devaluation of our national currency, and the cost of official corruption by gatekeepers managing the downstream petroleum sub-sector. Nigerians have groaned to pay these unjust costs for years.”
He stated, “This is indeed a whole new level of government insincerity and insensitivity. This latest increase in the price of petrol is indeed a crass display of complete apathy to the sufferings Nigerians are going through at this time. “While other countries also going through the blues of the COVID-19 pandemic are reducing taxes, increasing welfare benefits and providing palliatives to their citizens, our own government is reducing interest rates on savings by the poor, increasing taxes and hiking tariffs on essential goods and services. Nigerians have never had it so bad.”
According to him, “Hobbesian state of living appears to be the perfect metaphor for the state of affair today in Nigeria.
“We also demanded that our four national petroleum refineries must be fixed without any further delay. Nigerian workers want to be appraised of the timeline set by government to ensure that this is effectively done.
“Nigeria belongs to all of us. Workers are major stakeholders in the Nigerian project. Nigerian workers and people must not only be treated fairly, but must be seen to have been so treated by their government.”

CAF: Pillars FC Adopt Bauchi As New Home Ground

CAF, Pillars FC, Adopt Bauchi, New Home Ground
Bauchi state commissioner of youths and sports, Adamu Manu (right) presenting letter of approval to Kano Pillars chairman on Saturday.

CAF confederation cup campaigners for the 2020/2021 season, Kano Pillars would play their continental home matches in Bauchi, Judicial Sketch has gathered.
A statement issued by the media officer of the club, Lurwan Idris Malikawa Garu said Bauchi state commissioner of youths and sports, Adamu Manu on Saturday at the club secretariat along UDB road presented a letter of approval to the management of the club.
Manu said Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed has approved the request made by Kano Pillars to host its CAF continental matches in the state.
He assured Kano Pillars fans that Tafawa Balewa Stadium would conveniently serve as the new home of the club, adding that the government and people of Bauchi state would render all the supports to ginger Pillars to success during their continental title chase.
Pillars chairman, Suraju Shaibu Jambul thanked the government and people of Bauchi for accepting to offer Kano Pillars an alternate home, saying that the letter of approval would be forwarded to the state government.

PMB and the Proper Pricing of Petrol

PMB, Proper Pricing, Petrol

By Bala Ibrahim

The Federal Government has increased the pump price of petrol from N148 to N151.56 per litre, and some people are calling for hell to come loose, or the President should resign because of what they called deceit.

I dont know who is deceiving who. Is it the cynics that are acting with selfish sentiments or the President that is being propelled by patriotism? Except for those of us that have elected to be mentally lazy, the answer to the problem is boldly displayed on the global market billboard.

My article is not only intended to defend the position of the Government for jerking the price of petrol upward, but also meant to justify it, based on what obtains everywhere in the world, and Nigeria cannot afford to be an exception.

A visit to the site of Globalpetrolprices.com would tell you that they are a one-stop-shop on all issues that have to do with the tracking of the retail prices of motor fuel, electricity, and natural gas in over 150 countries. They collect, cross-check and analyse all data, using multiple sources before publication. The data are used by clients and interested parties to stay informed of energy cost across countries and to investigate trends over time. They also monitor changes to taxes and regulations-making, which is why they are considered reputable and reliable, all over the globe.

According to their publication of 31-Aug-2020, “The average price of gasoline around the world is 1.01 U.S. Dollar per liter.” This is about N500 per litre. While they argued there is substantial difference in these prices among countries, due to the various taxes and subsidies for gasoline, all countries have access to the same petroleum prices of international markets. As a general rule, they say, richer countries have higher prices, while poorer countries and the countries that produce and export oil have significantly lower prices.

One notable exception is the U.S. which is an economically advanced country but has low gas prices. No mention is made of Nigeria in the list of countries that are rich in oil, and which is expected to go under the same exception with the US. Why then are we expecting Nigeria under PMB to price it’s petrol differently?

Economists have agreed that the increase in petrol pump prices is always a reflection of the global oil prices. Last month, the crude oil price was around $43 per barrel, so the pump price of petrol was relatively lower. But it rose to about $44-$45 towards the end of the month. By this week, it had increased to $46. Going by the inseparable relationship between crude price and petrol price, it is only natural that the pump price must go up. If along the line, the crude price falls again, petrol prices will crash accordingly.

Like with any commodity, petrol prices are not determined by sentiments, but by the laws of demand and supply, which are the forces that make it susceptible to change. When supply exceeds demand, prices fall, and the reverse happens when demand exceeds supply. No amount of love for, or against the President, can effect a change on those laws. Why then are we expecting Nigeria under PMB, to price it’s petrol differently?

Until recently, the European average gasoline price was 1.36 USD per liter, but with the change in the global price of crude oil, the prices of petrol have increased correspondingly. Gasoline prices went up by 0.1% in Asia, by 0.9% in South America, and by 0.5% in the USA. The most significant price increases were observed in Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Jamaica. The largest weekly gasoline price change was observed in Argentina, where the government authorized the first upward adjustment of the retail fuel prices in nine months. Why then are we expecting Nigeria under PMB, to price it’s petrol differently?

In the UK, petrol sells for N700 per litre. In Germany, it sells for N724 per litre. In Saudi Arabia, petrol goes for N202 per litre. South Africa sells it for N428 per litre. China sells it for N277. Kenya, N442, while in the UAE, the price is N230 per litre.

I dont know where those crucifying the Government are getting their economics from, but it’s important to note that the petroleum price of N151 or even N160 per litre obtainable in Nigeria is also the cheapest in the West African sub-region.

In Ghana, petrol sells for N423 per litre. In Benin Republic, the price is N427 per litre. In Niger, the comodity is selling at N455 per litre. In Cameroon, it’s N536 per litre. In Tchad, it’s N465 per litre. For God’s sake, why are we expecting Nigeria under PMB to price its petrol differently?

This price differential, has been identified as the biggest factor responsible for the high smuggling across Nigeria’s borders, as well as being the key factor that is hampering the revenue generation of the country.

Indeed there are areas the Government under PMB needs to work more, in order to cushion the effect of hardship being felt by the people, but in demanding that, and in our determination to hold the government accountable, we must first make ourselves not only reasonable, but robustly responsible.

It is economically irresponsible, to expect Nigeria under PMB, to simply sit down, and change the laws of demand and supply.

Mr Ibrahim writes from Abuja.

Court Orders Agric Minister to Halt Appointment of Provost for Agricultural College

Sabo Nanono, National Industrial Court, Orders Agric Minister, Halt Appointment, Provost, FACB
Sabo Nanono

A National Industrial Court Wednesday ordered the minister of agriculture, Mohammed Sabo Nanono to refrain from adopting self-help method in resolving the leadership crisis engulfing the Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology (FACP), Kano.
The presiding judge, Justice I. S. Galadima in an order issued by his court, sitting in the Abuja judicial division, mandated all the parties involved in the crisis to maintain status quo pending the determination of the substantive suit filed before the court.
The Academic Staff Union of Colleges of Agriculture (ASUCA) and the non academic staff union had filed a suit before the court challenging the appointment of one Dr Mohammed Yusha’u Gwaram as the substantive provost of the institution.
The plaintiffs in an originating summons told the court that the minister of agriculture lacks the jurisdiction to appoint Gwaram.
They urged the court to declare the appointment of Gwaram as an outright contravention of labour laws and an infringement of the laid down procedures that regulates such appointments.
The aggrieved members of staff of the school in a motion Ex-Parte dated August 25th and filed on 31st August, 2020, urged the court to issue an order refraining the alleged substantive provost from assuming office.
Justice Galadima in an enrolled court order No. NICN/ABJ//227/2020 dated September 2nd, 2020, said all parties should refrain resorting to self help.
He said “the motion on notice shall be determined by the substantive judge on a date to be given upon resumption from vacation.”
The other defendants in the suit are the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria and Nigeria Stored Research Products Institute.

Over 2 Million Children May Die of Malnutrition in Kano

Over 2000 Women, Benefit, CS-SUNN, House Gardening

Over two million children are prone to the threat of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), Civil Society –Scalling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) Kano state chapter has disclosed.
The secretary of the state chapter, Ahmad Tijjani Yau on Wednesday during a one day workshop with the theme “Meeting of Key Gatekeepers on Importance of EBF” said reports of Multiple Cluster Survey emphasizes the essence of continuing to scale up the fight against malnutrition in the state.
He disclosed that Kano central senatorial district has the highest number of cases, adding that index reveals that the senatorial zone is the worst hit.
He said the affected children range between 6 to 23 months, adding that less than 40% of them have access to Minimal Dietary Diversities (MDD).
He further disclosed that in 2019, Dietary Diversity baseline survey was been conducted in some local government areas in Kano with the intent to map out strategies to further curb the menace.
Kano State nutrition officer, Halima Musa Yakasai, while briefing members of Kano State House of Assembly during a nutrition strategic meeting, told the lawmakers that investigations have unveiled that 10.8 percent of children within the age circles of six months to five years are malnourished.
According to her, Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) programmes are ongoing in 13 local governments in parts of the state.
According to her, “the local governments included Bichi, Dawakin Tofa, Dambatta, Doguwa, Gwarzo, Kano Municipal, Madobi, Nassarawa, Takai, Sumaila, Ungogo, Wudil and we are scalling up with Gabasawa.
Halima disclosed that statistics obtained in the month of July 2020 , indicated that 20, 037 malnourished children were admitted into various CMAM facilities in Kano state, stating that out of the disclosed number of those admitted, 3,338 were cured.
She said Kano state ministry of health will continue to do our best to conduct review meetings on dietary diversification to help in monitoring and improving nutrition programmes.

Buhari’s Policies Anti-People, NANS Says over Fuel Price Hike

Buhari’s Policies, Anti-People, NANS Says, Fuel Price Hike
President Muhammadu Buhari

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has demanded that President Muhammadu Buhari resigns due to what it called his anti-people policies.

NANS’ demand was in response to the recent hike in the pump price of petrol from N148 to N151.56k per litre by the Nigerian government.

Coordinator of NANS (Zone D), Kowe Odunayo Amos said the increment was deliberately intended to punish Nigerians, adding that Buhari’s government was anti-people.

He said in the statement that, “We find it most embarrassing to read of the increment in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to N163.

“No doubt, this government has worsened all the crises it has inherited from the last administration. In fact, the Buhari government is a clear example that we the students must go back to our revolutionary days as we cannot continue to lament.

“As an association, we hereby declare that the Buhari government should all resign or immediately do the following; reverse petrol price to N97, and stop deregulation of the Oil Sector. Stop the devaluation of the Naira now. Increase budgetary allocations to education to 35%. Return to the old stamp duty price now.”

Already, the new increased pump price has come into effect, as Nigerians groan as a result of increment in the prices of services and commodities.